Press & Praise

With the largest digital community on the right, no other organization in the world can provide better perspective of what’s happening in the grassroots.

ForAmerica has been appeared on many different television networks, plus quoted and written about in thousands of publications. If you’re a member of the press or show host and would like to speak with David Bozell, ForAmerica’s President, please contact us:

Email or call us at (571) 313-0376.

Here’s a brief sample of our interviews and write-ups:


“ForAmerica was the most aggressive, making videos calling out senators as “chicken”….The activists knew they didn’t have to make an ad for every Republican senator; once a few got the treatment, the rest got the message. Nobody wanted to be next on the list.”

The Atlantic, Give the Tea Party Credit: Their Grassroots Tactics Worked


“The Obama folks have proven they are very good at new media, but there’s a new team in the game.”

Daily Caller, Obama’s Facebook Townhall Crashes


“Internal ForAmerica statistics provided to Breitbart News show that its social media network has generated more than 40,000 phone calls to U.S. Senators and Congressman on just the Defund Obamacare Campaign.”

Breitbart News, Social Media Activism Build Tea Party 2.0


“David Bozell, the executive director, which is one of the largest conservative online communities with almost eight million followers, said, ‘…the most important issues of the year is having terrorism return to our homeland.’”

ABC’s Nightline, Meet the Activists Using Social Media to Turn Hashtags Into Rallying Cries


“A Facebook posting from ForAmerica on Friday morning has generated at least 5,000 phone calls from conservative activists to House Speaker John Boehner’s office….”

Breitbart, ForAmerica Creates Grassroots Pressure on Boehner over Obamacare


“And here comes the tsunami: ForAmerica — a conservative group promoting American values and limited government — and the Tea Party Patriots, the largest national umbrella group, have launched their efforts in Lexington, Ky., home state of the aforementioned Mr. McConnell.”

Washington Times, And Here Comes the ‘Tsunami’


“In the internet war with the Democrats, ForAmerica is hugely outgunned by Obama’s re-election campaign, which has 27 million Facebook followers, many of whom were attracted in his first presidential run in 2008.

But tellingly, a relatively obscure group such as ForAmerica has 800,000 people liking, sharing or commenting on its Facebook updates compared with 740,000 for Obama.”

The Guardian, Conservative Super Pacs turn to social media to expand reach


“…What ForAmerica does so well is to light up the phones in Congress, to light up Facebook, to light up Twitter, to speak out, to do what we did in the late 1970s in the Reagan Revolution.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz


“ForAmerica has struck fear into the hearts of all the people who need to be scared of conservatives who have an ‘R’ next to their names.”

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent