What These Soldiers Are Being Forced To Do Shows How Absolutely Broken Our System Is

This is truly despicable.During the Iraq and Afghanistan wars a decade ago, the California National Guard coaxed thousands of soldiers with reenlistment bonuses of $15,000 or more to go to war.Now the Pentagon is demanding they pay all of that money back.Almost 10,000 soldiers, many who served multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay enormous enlistment bonuses, and have

What A Wheelchair Bound Teen Did Just Put All Athletes Protesting The Anthem To Shame

While perfectly healthy multi-millionaire athletes are sitting or kneeling in protest during the playing of the national anthem, this disabled teen has been an inspiration for thousands.A Florida teenager with spina bifida was seen shaming professional football players and their sidelines protests when he used his arms to hold himself up from his wheelchair as the American

This Is What’s Being Taught In Our High Schools Today: “To Be White Is To Be…”

This is what passes for a proper education for American teens these days. Let’s be forgiving and give this teacher an “F” for foolishness.An Oklahoma high school student was left stunned — and her parents outraged — when a classroom lecture about “healing the racial divide” turned into a diatribe claiming “all whites are racists.”The student pulled

Leaked Email Reveals The Disturbing Thing Hillary’s Campaign Thought Of Obama

In the 2008 presidential election, many on the right had suspicions that Barack Obama had won the election only with the help of dirty tactics and cheating, and the left ridiculed them.Well, thanks to a WikiLeaks email dump, there’s proof that the Clinton campaign had reason to believe that Obama and his operatives were guilty of committing

Obama Might Have Just Made The Most Frightening Agenda Proposal Of His Presidency

If you know history, you know that one move central governments take on the road to totalitarianism is seizing control of the media. If you can control what information is made available to citizens — your subjects — you can better control the people. Our founding fathers understood this, and in their wisdom included the First Amendment, which says: 

Pastor Finds His Church Vandalized By Six Disturbing Words: “Islam Or…”

Deep passions over Donald Trump’s vow to build a wall on our southern border with Mexico and limit immigration from Muslim majority countries boiled over this week in San Antonio, Texas. A vandal, seemingly upset over at least part of the Republican nominee’s immigration proposals, has defaced a local church with a disgusting, hate-filled message, seen below.  As

Governor Of CA Just Made A Disturbing Obamacare Move That Should Infuriate Taxpayers

Do you remember when Barack Obama stood before Congress and said the healthcare law he and his leftist buddies shoved down all of our throats — the law that’s now choking millions of Americans with skyrocketing premiums, out-of-sight deductibles and lousy medical care choices — wouldn’t be available for illegal immigrants? Obama and his loyalist lawmakers were

In Age Of Protests, How This NFL Star Honored Our Military Is Beyond Refreshing

Recently, the NFL has been plagued by the distracting sidelines antics of players who have shown disrespect for the National Anthem, the American flag, and the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms, our country and our cherished way of life. Fortunately, New York Giants star wide receiver Odell