University of Chicago Has Warning For Fragile Social Justice Warriors


With many universities caving to fragile students’ demands for emotional protection from offensive speech — you know, protected retreats and “safe spaces” from “microaggressions” — The University of Chicago has taken a bold stand for freedom and good ole American fortitude.In a welcome letter to the incoming Class of 2020, Dean of Students John Ellison has

What Conservatives Did to Pull Off Religious Liberty Win in California


Andrew Egger Posted with permission from The Daily SignalCalifornia conservatives won a surprise victory this week, changing a state assembly bill that would have curtailed the freedom of private religious colleges.“We literally were able to see tens of thousands of people mobilize to make calls and to write their legislators, and to participate in the

Obama Administration Blocked FBI Probe of Clinton Foundation Corruption


The Trump campaign is spreading the news whenever and wherever it can — reports that the Obama administration shut down requests from three different FBI field offices to open public corruption investigations into Hillary Clinton and the questionable operations of the so-called “charitable” foundation that bears her family name.As reported by CNN and others, multiple banks alerted the federal

VIDEO: How This Mob Treated A Trump Supporter At Anti-Cop Protest Says It All


Demanding that the NYPD be abolished — defunded and disbanded — a rowdy spinoff group of Black Lives Matter threatened to shut down New York City Hall unless officials did what they wanted. The protestors gathered in the Big Apple’s City Hall Park didn’t just shout and chant and wave signs calling out “institutional racism” and violent behavior

Big Media Silent As Black Lives Matter Pull Despicable ‘Jim Crow’ Like Stunt


So, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is all about fair and equal treatment for African-Americans? Its leaders and endorsers like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama promote “social justice,” dignity and respect? Really?While women of the BLM movement — mothers who have lost children in police and gang encounters — delivered their pro-Hillary messages to the assembled delegates at the

Following Police Officer Deaths, Sheriff Pens Letter To President Obama

Harford County Sheriff reports deputies deaths

Carroll County Sheriff James T. DeWees posted on Facebook Saturday morning a letter to the president following the deaths of law enforcement officers across the country, including two sheriff’s deputies in Harford County. Dear President Obama:In case you haven’t heard, eight American police officers over the past eight days have been killed in the line of