Woman Can’t Find Work In Alabama For Truly Mind-Boggling Reason


The real impact of runaway illegal immigration on the lives of everyday Americans is often lost in the broader arguments about border security and deportation policies. But the influx of illegals in many communities across the United States often has a disheartening, even devastating, effect on the lives and livelihoods of U.S. citizens.Consider the plight

Here’s The Proof Black Lives Matter Is Lying About Charlotte Police Shooting


Looting, arson and riots have left Charlotte, North Carolina, shell shocked after Keith Lamont Scott was shot four times and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. Scott was killed, investigators say, after he approached them armed, while they were undercover, serving a warrant for another individual.Black Lives Matter, other groups and individuals have taken advantage of the

Marine Sends Brutal Message To NFL Commissioner


Col Jeffrey A Powers USMC (Ret) recently wrote a scathing letter to the NFL to make known just how upset he is over the disrespectful players and the league that permits them to do it.You need to read this.Commissioner,I’ve been a season pass holder at Yankee Stadium, Yale Bowl and Giants Stadium.I missed the ’90-’91 season

Attendance For Hillary’s First Speech Since Fainting Is Pathetic


Between her poor attendance records at the last couple of events she’s done, and her fainting spells, you can almost feel sorry for Hillary.Almost.While Trump is filling large auditoriums and arenas with enthusiastic fans, Clinton barely has enough people attending to fill a middle school lunchroom.Surely at this point Democratic party leaders are starting to look at other potential

New DNC Hack Reveals Huge Donations From Government Agencies


Typical! The Left accuses others of doing the very things they’re all about…because that’s the nature of the twisted, corrupt world in which they operate — it’s called “projection.” Democrats do an awful lot of complaining about crony capitalism and government corruption, but the latest news indicates that they turn a blind eye to corruption and

Illegal Immigrant Deported Twice… What He Does In Round Three Is Beyond Vile


A violent 28-year-old illegal immigrant and gang member from El Salvador, deported from the U.S. twice in the last two years, has been charged with first-degree murder. Oscar Delgado-Perez, who was arrested in Montgomery County, MD, allegedly murdered teenager Cristian Villagran-Morales by stabbing him more than 40 times. The victim, Villagran-Morales, was working at a landscaping business

Undercover Video Exposes Communist Propaganda At US Teacher Conference


It’s commonly assumed that higher education in the United States leans far left, especially with the recent trend towards creating “safe spaces” on college campuses and issuing trigger warnings for controversial subjects that may contain what the radical left calls “micro-aggressions.” Long suspected, this view was vindicated earlier this year when Marketwatch exposed the troubling news

Liberal Baker Refuses To Make Cake With This Harmless Political Message


Liberals love to preach about tolerance and acceptance of other people’s ideas and opinions. Progressives are all about inclusiveness, until of course, you disagree with their views — then they become downright intolerant — and force private, Christian businesses to do things like bake cakes for lesbian couples. So, considering what just happened in Louisiana, we’re