He Who Laughs Last…

January 20th, 2017: Donald Trump, "thanks fellas, I'll take it from here." pic.twitter.com/iPPdHlp3W7— ForAmerica (@ForAmerica) January 2, 2017

Will Trump Bring An End To Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program?

One can only hope that part of Donald Trump’s 100 day plan will include an end to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Why you ask? Not only would we never eat anything that looked like this but much less would we tell our kids to eat it. via Conservative TribuneA document released on

Tim Kaine Gave A Typical Liberal Response After ISIS-Inspired OSU Attack

Sen. Tim Kaine’s anti-gun statement after the OSU attack is exactly what would’ve been awful about a Hillary Clinton administration — typical knee-jerk liberal garbage.  Thank God America dodged that bullet (no pun intended). Per Valerie Richardson at the Washington Times (emphasis added):Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said Monday he was saddened by the “senseless act of

Erica Garner Destroys Hillary Campaign For Calculating How To ‘Use’ Her Father’s Death

When New Yorker Eric Garner died after being placed in a police chokehold when he resisted arrest for selling illegal loose cigarettes in 2014, liberals pounced, holding his death up as a banner over their anti-police, anti-gun crusade.Now emails just made public by WikiLeaks show that Hillary Clinton’s camp very calculatingly determined how they would use Garner’s death to further

Cringeworthy TV Appearance By Hillary Proves Her Pandering Knows No Limits

Hillary Clinton has proved once again that she will do anything — literally anything — to get elected. She’s one pandering politician who isn’t leaving anything on the table in her effort to win the crucial Latino vote in the battleground state of Florida – engaging in an uninhibited appearance on the Spanish language network Univision. Hillary appeared on

New York Times Warns Of ‘The Dangers of Hillary Clinton…’

Scathing words from an unlikely source.The New York Times has already endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, in words that look suspiciously like the rhetoric that originated from her campaign, but that hasn’t stopped one writer from admitting his own apprehension about having Hillary back in the White House.Ross Douthat writes:The dangers of a Hillary Clinton

The One Word A Retired General Called Hillary’s Nuclear Code Gaffe Says It All

Hillary Clinton loves attacking Donald Trump using fear tactics that harken back to the presidential campaigns of Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater. You may recall that Johnson attacked Goldwater with one of the most famous political ads of all time, the “daisy” TV spot that convinced many voters that Goldwater was a reckless politician who might be irresponsible