Faith in Humanity Restored

Chick-fil-A: Great chicken, even better people. SEVERN, Md. – When a World War II veteran entered a Chick-Fil-A desperately seeking help with a flat tire, a restaurant manager jumped into action “without hesitation” and was unknowingly captured in pictures during the act of kindness.Chick-Fil-A manager Daryl Howard was working the front line of the restaurant on Thursday

All Coast Guard Jokes Stop Today

In the event that you ever questioned the role of the United States Coast Guard in protecting our country from harm…this video is your answer. U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro crew members recently interdicted a suspected drug-smuggling self-propelled, semi-submersible (SPSS) vessel. One of the Coast Guardsmen jumped onto the moving vessel and banged on the hatch

GOP Spikes the Football

Fun video released by the GOP capturing the nationwide headlines from the Mueller report release. No Collusion: The ONLY News That's Fit To Print.— GOP (@GOP) March 25, 2019

Crazed College Liberals Shout Down The Pledge of Allegiance

Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) adjunct professor Celeste Barber took a brave stand against her school’s trustee board after they stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance during meetings. Ms. Barber told Fox & Friends that the head of the SBCC’s trustee board said it had roots in “white nationalism, racism” and “nativism.”

Republicans Should Capitalize On SOTU By Pushing Pro-Life Legislation

Photo credit: Doug Mills, New York Times

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could put the Pain Capable bill on the floor and keep taking cloture votes until it passes. That’s exactly what the Majority Leader did last week when he wasted time on silly show votes admonishing President Trump’s wish to bring home troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Republicans Throw In The Towel On The Wall

The eight prototypes for President Donald Trump’s US-Mexico border wall near San Diego (Guillermo Arias / AFP – Getty Images)

According to Fox News, some Members of Congress are already on Christmas vacation and don’t plan to return to Washington for votes.