Flip-Floppers On Obamacare Repeal Will Pay Political Price

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 27, 2017CONTACT: Caitlin Manaois, (703) 795-9183, [email protected] Flip-Floppers On Obamacare Repeal Will Pay Political Price“Liberal Republicans are adamant in defending the Obama era policiesthat have failed most miserably.” CLIFTON, VA – July 27, 2017 — Following Senate Republicans voting down ‘repeal and delay,’ David Bozell, President of ForAmerica, released the following statement: “The six Senate Republicans who

Bozell: Senate Health Bill Was a ‘Betrayal’ to Voters

Bozell: Senate Health Bill Was a ‘Betrayal’ to Voters“The Trump voter does not blame Trump, but rather the feckless leaders in the Republican Establishment.”FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: Caitlin Manaois, [email protected] CLIFTON, VA — July 17, 2017 — In light of news that the Senate Republican health care bill is now stalled, ForAmerica President David Bozell released

ForAmerica Chairman: ‘Conservatives are Honor Bound’ to Oppose Senate Bill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 13, 2017CONTACT: Caitlin Manaois, (703) 795-9183, [email protected] are Honor Bound to Oppose Senate Bill“The Republican Party’s taxpayer-funded bailout of insurance companies is a violation of everything the Party stood for.” CLIFTON, VA – July 13, 2017 — Senate Republican leaders have released their ObamaCare bailout bill. Brent Bozell, Chairman of ForAmerica, released

ForAmerica Calls for Overhaul of GOP Congressional Leadership

ForAmerica Calls for Overhaul of GOP Congressional Leadership GOP leaders treated their base like a perpetual headache, and as a result they failed today to deliver on their #1 item (CLIFTON, VA) ForAmerica President David Bozell released the following statement in response to GOP Congressional leadership’s failure to bring forth for a vote and pass an Obamacare repeal and

ForAmerica Responds To Efforts To Defund Planned Parenthood

ForAmerica released the following statement in response to House Republicans’ legislative effort to defund Planned Parenthood:“We applaud the provisions in the American Healthcare Act to eliminate Planned Parenthood funding.  Voters have heard election promise after promise from the same Republican leadership that they would turn off the spicket of taxpayer money to the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood,

ForAmerica Statement On The American Healthcare Act

ForAmerica released the following statement in response to House Republicans’ long-awaited legislation, the American Healthcare Act, to repeal and replace Obamacare:“History tells us that when Congress doesn’t disclose the cost of a bill, American taxpayers can expect an expensive price tag. We’re supportive of a number of things that the American Healthcare Act wants to do

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Susan Collins (R-ME) (L) and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) are sabotaging the nomination of Betsy DeVos for Department of Education and the dollar signs point to the National Education Association.

CEO Of Magnatone Makes Threat On President, Regrets It Bigly

Ted Kornblum of Magnatone followed up his original Facebook message with the following apology. “Earlier today a frivolous, insensitive political post went out on Facebook.vIt should not have. Magnatone is not a political organization, respects the beliefs and opinions of all people, and does business accordingly. I personally share these values of our brand. I

Leave FLOTUS Alone

It is absolutely amazing what the Left can get away with when it comes to their agenda. Can only imagine the anger if it was Michelle Obama being ridiculed by a Hollywood elite.