Congress Gets A Second Chance To Protect Its Citizens

San Francisco’s ‘Sanctuary city’ status allowed a seven time convicted felon and five time deportee to murder an innocent girl walking with her father. Congress must do better to protect those who elected them. They must pass Kate’s Law this time around.

He Who Laughs Last…

January 20th, 2017: Donald Trump, "thanks fellas, I'll take it from here."— ForAmerica (@ForAmerica) January 2, 2017

Celebrate Obama’s Departure With Limited Edition ‘End Of An Error’ Apparel

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Will Trump Bring An End To Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program?

One can only hope that part of Donald Trump’s 100 day plan will include an end to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Why you ask? Not only would we never eat anything that looked like this but much less would we tell our kids to eat it. via Conservative TribuneA document released on

BLM Supporter Refuses To Help Motorist Because She Had A Trump Sticker

A Black Lives Matter supporter refused to help a stranded female motorist due to the fact that she had a Donald Trump bumper sticker on her car. After tagging the “Wendy Williams Show,” Roland Martin, BET and Oprah Winfrey in his braggadocious Facebook post he then claimed, “I believe in peace and harmony.” Brown, then

Netanyahu Aide: Obama Administration Pushed UN Resolution

Via the Washington Examiner: A spokesman for the Israeli prime minister said Sunday that they have “ironclad information” that the Obama administration had a large role in pushing the United Nation’s resolution on Israeli settlements.David Keys, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told CNN’s Dana Bash that the Israelis have “ironclad information, frankly,

The Trump Effect? Navy Restores Traditional Job Titles After Fleet Uproar

We’re coming back to our senses, America.Via the Washington Examiner: The Navy is restoring its traditional job titles after scrapping the centuries-old tradition in September, according to the Navy’s top officer.The reversal, which leaked out on social media Tuesday evening and became official Wednesday morning, means that sailors will continue to be referred to by

Baby Jesus Statue Abductions Across America

Of course you won’t hear about this from the mainstream media… Via the American Mirror: Vandals are targeting nativity scenes across the country, most recently with thrashed figurines in Pennsylvania and reports of baby Jesus abductions in Tennessee and New Hampshire.Rolland Price Jr., secretary for The Church of the Holy Apostles in Saint Clair, Pennsylvania,