The Division Started With Barack Obama

It is really something else to watch Democrats and liberals blame Republicans and Donald Trump for the divisiveness in the country. You know, considering Barack Obama has been dividing us for the last eight years.   

Citizen Comes To Aid Of Officer, Saves His Life

Our ‘Saturday Salute’ goes to the good Samaritan who saved the life of an Arizona trooper this week. The police officer was responding to an overturned car when he was ambushed, shot and beaten by a man with a pistol. We salute this private citizen for having the courage to put his own life in

Congress Gets A Second Chance To Protect Its Citizens

San Francisco’s ‘Sanctuary city’ status allowed a seven time convicted felon and five time deportee to murder an innocent girl walking with her father. Congress must do better to protect those who elected them. They must pass Kate’s Law this time around.

He Who Laughs Last…

January 20th, 2017: Donald Trump, "thanks fellas, I'll take it from here."— ForAmerica (@ForAmerica) January 2, 2017