The ForAmerica Nightcap: Friday, September 13, 2019

There’s a vast ocean of content out there and it can get overwhelming, but we want to help. Here are 11 ForAmerica picks of today’s best articles, tweets, and memes that educate, inspire and entertain…

1. After Bolton, Trump’s Second Term Depends on America First
(American Conservative) Trump just can’t govern the way he wants to by recruiting from the George W. Bush and John McCain B Teams.

2. Colbert Mocks Dems: ‘Is Elizabeth Warren From Mayberry?’ Bernie Swallowed a Bumblebee?
( – One way to measure the candidates’ debate performance is to watch what the late-night comedians are saying.

3. Is Biden done? Debate performance hard to watch – tells voters to turn record players on at night
(BizPAC Review) …many saw Biden’s sometimes incoherent moments in the Democrats’ third presidential debate simply as a disaster.

4. ‘F**ked Up Bigoted Trash!’ Trans Barista Boots Conservative From Coffee Shop
(PJ Media) On Wednesday, a transgender barista booted a young conservative woman from a coffee shop in Lincoln, Neb., attacking her for her political principles. 


5. The Blaze captured all the weirdest/wildest moments from last night’s debate:


6. A) The question by the moderator was ridiculous. You’re gonna give a guy grief for something he said 40 YEARS ago?!?! B) Biden’s answer is all over the map here. He is just vomiting words and has no idea what he’s saying from one sentence to the next. At this rate, I’m looking at his senior team (and perhaps, Mrs. Biden?) and holding them responsible. IF — he won’t, but if — he were to win the whole thing, it’s seems obvious to me that whoever is running his campaign now will be running the country. Biden is just a prop.


7. NEVER trust the so-called “fact-checkers”


8. PRAGERU had some fun and used a two year-old’s painting to trigger liberals…




10. We’d like to thank Beto for firing up gun owners everywhere…

11. Fun with graphics…


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