The ForAmerica Nightcap: Thursday, September 19, 2019

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1. ‘NO’: Nancy Pelosi Cracks Down On Kavanaugh Impeachment Talk (Daily Wire)

2. The American Left Is Completely Insane
It’s September 2019, and here’s where we are: The political left in this country is completely insane.

3. Number of Abortions at Lowest Point Since 1973
(Rush Limbaugh)
It’s not a good day for the feminazis.

4. Elizabeth Warren is the one to watch, as the sun slowly sets on Joe Biden
(Washington Times) In the long march to the Democratic presidential nomination exactly 300 days from now, Slow Joe Biden is decelerating the pulses of voters while high-energy Elizabeth Warren is speeding them up.

5. ‘Piled with garbage’: Abortion doctor with thousands of fetuses in cardboard boxes was a hoarder
(Washington Examiner) The abortion doctor who stashed more than 2,245 fetal remains in his garage also hoarded personal property throughout his home in Crete, Illinois, leading to a weeklong investigation by police who remain bewildered about his motives.

ForAmerica’s favorite social media:

6. I used to think Yang was refreshing, but more and more, he’s just a con who thinks Americans are terrible and must be “modified”

7. Still way early, but some nice poll news for President Trump…

8. He only uses permanent marker, folks…


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