The ForAmerica Nightcap for Wednesday September 25, 2019

There’s an ocean of content out there. Here are ForAmerica’s picks for today’s best articles, tweets and other social media.

ForAmerica’s Recommended Reading:

1. Nancy Pelosi Surrenders To The Twitter Mob
(The Federalist) She had absolutely no idea what the president said or didn’t, and it didn’t really matter to her.

2. How Worried Is Trump About Impeachment? His New Fundraising Video Thanks Dems For Pushing It
(Daily Wire) Will the move backfire, as many analysts have warned, or will it pay off for Pelosi and company? 

3. 35 Straight Months: Even Before Trump Took Office, Media Began Impeachment Obsession
The liberal media have begun yet another round of frenzied impeachment speculation, this time in reaction to anonymously-sourced media reports about a supposed whistleblower complaint that has not been released.

4. One from the “ridiculous” pile: Mattel Introduces Gender-Neutral Dolls
(PJ Media) Mattel is coming out with a new line of Barbie-like dolls, called “Creatable World,” that are gender-neutral 

5. One from the “Not all is Lost” pile: East Texas Town Becomes a ‘Sanctuary City’ – For the Unborn
(The Pluralist) While most think of immigration when the term “sanctuary city” comes up, one East Texas town is taking on the label in a bid to tackle the issue of abortion.

ForAmerica’s favorite Clips, Tweets, and other Social Media: 

6. Students Say Impeach Trump… But Can’t Give Reason Why

7. Go pound sand, Cory. 

8. Yup…

9. So great…

10. Not all men! 

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