Senate Republicans Sit On The Sidelines While The President and Pelosi Are On Offense

Knock it off with this only-in-Washington parlor trick of coming to D.C. and waiting for the President to tell you what to do.

House Democrats passed their controversial bill, HR1, on Friday, which gives illegal immigrants the right to vote, censors political free speech, and other terrible things Democrats like. With the wind at their backs, Nancy Pelosi and her friends are now ready to move on to a bunch of other horrible bills.

You’ll find no praise of HR1 here. In fact, the entire Democrat agenda is a threat to the United States.

But while HR1 won’t become law, Democrats are still USING their House majority to push through what they believe in. Let’s give them an “A” for effort.

President Trump unveiled his fiscal year 2020 budget this week. There’s a lot to like in the President’s proposal, starting with the boldest fact that it will FINISH construction of all 722 miles of the wall at our Southern border.

There is also 2.7 trillion dollars in spending cuts, including a five percent cut in nondefense spending. Our preference would be to see the budget balance much sooner than the reported 15 years that this budget balances, but it does ensure our military is the strongest in the world and makes healthcare for our veterans a top priority. All good things.

So, we’ve got the President pushing his top legislative priorities: strong military, veterans’ health care, reduction in wasteful spending and, of course, the border wall.

We’ve got Nancy Pelosi pushing her top legislative priorities: voting rights for illegal immigrants, suppression of political speech, more socialized healthcare, and of course, a “new deal” colored green.

But where are Senate Republicans? What are the priorities of Senate Republicans?  


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Nancy Pelosi went on offense from the get-go with Democrat priorities. Mitch McConnell could do the same with conservative priorities but doesn’t.

There’s a simple play to be called from the political playbook: look at all the awful things Democrats want to do and promote a policy prescription that does the EXACT opposite.

If Democrats want to allow illegal immigrants to vote, Republicans could offer something to make sure that never happens. If Democrats want to suppress political speech, the GOP could introduce a bill that protects free speech. If Democrats wants socialized healthcare, Republicans could promote free market healthcare.

Paul Ryan and John Boehner just sat on their thumbs and watched the GOP majority wither away. The Tea Party movement delivered congressional Republicans into power only to watch Boehner and Ryan dither, delay, stall, punt and kick any and every can they could down the road. The majority was lost because of inaction. Mitch McConnell seems hell bent on following in their footsteps. 


Former House Speaker John Boehner, left, and Former Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis. (Photo Credit: J. Scott Applewhite, AP, 2014)


Senate Republicans need to be giving the country a totally free market alternative to ObamaCare. They need to give the country a bill that preserves, protects, and promotes freedom of speech. And they need to codify the President’s deregulation success into permanent law.

Knock it off with this only-in-Washington parlor trick of coming to D.C. and waiting for the President to tell you what to do.

Mitch McConnell brags that he’s the one who controls what comes to the Senate floor. Great. Here’s an idea: Put some Republican agenda items on the floor.

There is plenty to do. We have trillion dollar deficits annually now. The debt continues to rise astronomically. Republicans could do something about our deficit and our debt.

Republicans could push their own spending cuts, in addition to the President’s proposals. They could – should – author the GOP blueprint for MASSIVE spending cuts paired with MASSIVE tax cuts. Getting serious about these policy prescriptions would the put the entire party on offense and energize the base.

But Democrats are smarter than Republicans. Many mock socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ridiculous “Green New Deal” at the moment, but its radical proposals could become the new norm precisely because the left is always pushing the envelope. What might seem like a crazy idea today, can become a reality tomorrow.


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Think about it: Democrats just passed a bill in the House allowing illegal immigrants to vote. How radical is that?

Republicans push nothing. They play eternal defense while the Democrats continue to strike an aggressive offense. If not for President Trump, literally nothing of importance to conservatives would happen.

It is long past due that Senate Republicans get off the sidelines and get in the game. All this inaction only serves to prove a Democrat talking point: Republicans have no policy prescriptions.

The Republican congressional majority in 2020, in either chamber, is dependent on Senate Republicans proving otherwise and selling the country on its own solutions.

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