Twitter Reacts To Trump’s SOTU: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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President Trump delivered a powerful State of the Union address Tuesday night that polling immediately showed Americans overwhelming approved of.

Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly as seen on Twitter.

The Good

The CBS news poll – yes you read that right, a CBS News poll – was a good indicator of how popular Trump’s address was.



Trump SLAMMED the rising tide of socialism increasingly rampant on the Left.

Needless to say, Bernie Sanders wasn’t happy.



The President went full force against illegal immigration and fought for real border security.



President Trump said supporting illegal immigration wasn’t compassionate but “cruel” in its effects on law-abiding citizens.



The President stood up for the unborn and asked Congress to ban late term abortion, citing the infanticide legislation in New York and Virginia specifically.


Which begs the question, why don’t Senate Republicans forward with a bill — NOW?



President Trump praised his successful criminal justice reform efforts, and hailed the recently released non-violent offender Alice Marie Johnson as an example of what can be achieved.



The president also said “great nations do not fight endless wars,” a sentiment the Washington establishment doesn’t like, but as Fox News’ Howard Kurtz notes, everyday Americans likely sympathize with.



Trump’s speech was full of important conservative agenda items that were met with approval from most Americans.

But many of the reactions to his address were a quick reminder that the media does not represent most Americans.



The Bad

Even with 76 percent approving of Trump’s speech, CNN – on cue – immediately began trashing it.

ForAmerica President David Bozell summed up their reaction up well.



Then there was the always patronizing and arrogant Nancy Pelosi.



A snapshot of the difference between Republicans and Democrats when Trump said he wanted to end late term abortions reminded everyone how evil America’s leftist party can be.



Then there was self-described socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who didn’t like Trump saying “We must reject the politics of revenge.”



Ocasio-Cortez didn’t even seem to appreciate women being freed from sex trafficking. Peak Trump Derangement!



Overall, socialism had a bad night.




Tea Party Patriots Action had a great video mashup to double-down on the sentiment:



Then there was Democrat Stacey Abrams utterly forgettable response.



But many on the left couldn’t resist taking the bad to worse.



The Ugly

Here’s what CNN’s Van Jones said about Trump’s speech.



So is Jones saying the 76 percent of Americans who liked the address were actually invested in “dog poop?”

Further insulting the majority of Americans who were warm to the speech, NBC’s Chuck Todd called it the “theater of the absurd.”



There was this incredibly creepy and disgusting moment.



Incoming Republican Congressman Tim Burchett of Knoxville, Tennessee, rightly noted that Democrats refusing to stand when Trump said America will never be a socialist nation was a good example of how much our country has “slipped.”

Burchett says their attitude shows how our democracy “hangs by a thread.”



Of course CNN’s Van Jones said Trump was promoting white supremacy – despite the president’s touting of successful criminal justice reform legislation that disproportionately affect minorities, and also historically low unemployment in the black community.



Even when the president is doing things that are the exact opposite of racism, it doesn’t stop liberals from calling him a bigot.

Liberals got even uglier throughout the night in their reactions to the State of the Union, but let’s end on a high note of the address – one of the most touching moments of the evening – when Trump heralded a survivor of the Holocaust and the American soldier who liberated him 75 years ago.

Both men were in attendance and received standing ovations.



It was a class move by President Trump in a speech that most honest observers would agree was one of his best to date.

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