The Shutdown: Dread It. Run From It. Destiny Still Arrives.

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Not to trivialize the shutdown issue, but to borrow a quote from Thanos: “Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.”


The shutdown is coming because the Wall doesn’t come without the shutdown. The ruling class can dread it, but destiny still arrives all the same.

And to get the result President Trump wants, he must take away from Congress that what Congress considers most precious: government.

Only the Washington punditry class cares about the when is a good time for a shut down, who’s in charge when it happens, blah, blah, blah.

The truth is no one outside of the Beltway cares. All anyone wants is results.

So I think what frustrates a lot of folks — certainly me — is the flat-out lack of real effort. For Christ’s sake, the House (run by our guys!), just took a SIX-DAY WEEKEND.

How can Steve Scalise say Republicans are “continuing the fight” when you’re on a SIX-DAY weekend?

No one in D.C. has a plan to get the Wall in February. Hell, no one had a plan to get it during lame duck either, which is just one reason why so many Members aren’t bothering to show up. Pelosi knows it. 

A simple surveying of the players involved should’ve revealed to the President that the effort from even within his own Party just wasn’t there.

There are 50+ Members who are not even showing up for these votes. Pelosi knows this, too. 

Are people lying to the President? Or is Congress just incompetent? Both? Is he so insulated that he really believed Congress would deliver him the Wall this December? Anyone who thinks that Wall funding would come without a shutdown is fooling themselves.

And when they tell you, “Show me 60 votes,” they don’t have the self-awareness to realize that, and believe me when I tell you this, it’s THEIR JOB to find the 60 votes. Most, not all, but most of the people that surround the President won’t move unless there is a guarantee. “Show me 60 votes” has become THE creed for the do-nothing crowd, including most Members, most of their staff and most of the White House staff.

Can anyone guarantee the President that the Wall will come if Trump shuts down 8% of the government? Of course not. But I’ll guarantee that the Wall will NOT come if the White House continues to kick the can from one artificial deadline to the next. Just dogs chasing tails.

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