Election Spotlight: Chip Roy, Candidate In The TX-21 Congressional Race, Releases First Ad Of The General Election

ForAmerica is honored to support and endorse, Chip Roy, in the Texas-21 Congressional race. Chip has served under some of the most Constitutionally principled Texans including Senator Ted Cruz, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and the former Governor Rick Perry.

He has the political and policy chops to be a heavy-hitter in Washington against the weak-kneed Establishment. Here’s his first ad of the general election, focusing on the urgent need to secure the border:

Like every district across the country, the 21st District of Texas needs trustworthy, energetic leaders in the halls of Congress, and Chip Roy is that candidate. Texans have an opportunity to send a representative with conviction to Washington who will deliver on his promises.

The people of the 21st District are going to be proud to call Chip Roy their congressman. They are going to be proud to have Chip Roy represent them. They are going to be proud to watch Chip Roy go to Washington to get Washington off their back.

Voters across the country will be envious that they don’t have their own Chip Roy doing for them what Chip Roy will do for the people of the 21st District of Texas.

David Bozell David Bozell

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