Trump Should Veto This Terrible Spending Bill

The President should veto any bill that doesn’t contain border wall funding and continued support for Planned Parenthood.

Since President Trump was elected, this GOP Congress has done everything in its power to undermine the President and his agenda. When the awful omnibus was passed in March, which didn’t fund a border wall and completely funded Planned Parenthood, the President vowed he would “never sign a bill like this again.”

And yet, we have another bill just like the last one—and an even worse bill if measured by exorbitant spending.

President Trump should veto the Republicans’ spending bill.

Democrats absolutely love this bill, despite being passed by the Mitch McConnell-led, Republican-controlled Senate and despite it likely passing this week in the Paul Ryan-led, Republican-controlled House.

Why? Because it’s not even a Republican bill—at least based on what Republicans have been saying and promising the last two years.

Forget about the fact that it spends even more than the $1.3 trillion omnibus passed in March, which was already larger than any of Obama’s spending bills. Republicans have already proved themselves totally worthless when it comes to fiscal responsibility. For the current GOP, it’s as if the Tea Party never happened, and Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan never existed.

But the worst part about this disastrous bill is that it completely reneges on two of the biggest Republican promises to voters:

Build the wall.

Defund Planned Parenthood.

How many times have Republicans promised they would get tough on immigration and fund border security? How many times has President Trump promised a wall?

How many times have Republicans promised they would defund Planned Parenthood? How many times has President Trump promised to withdraw federal dollars from this abortion mill?

How many times are Republicans in Congress going to undermine the President?

This bill once again contains no funding for the border wall. It once again continues to fully fund Planned Parenthood.

Why would Republicans pass such a bill? Why would a Republican president even think about signing it?

To avert a government shutdown, GOP leadership and the media tell us.

President Trump, you should veto this bill. It is the one tool you have at your disposal to deliver on these big promises made to voters.

This Congress and its so-called leadership do not have your back. They work against you every day. This Republican Congress diligently works against the interests and desires of the very voters who put them in office.

Mr. President, you were elected to “drain the swamp.” This bill is classic swamp.

Tell Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to stuff it. Tell them to bring you a bill that contains the most basic promises you made to voters in the 2016 election. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Building the wall and defunding Planned Parenthood were key parts of the agenda that put you in office.  Legislative action on these two fronts would reenergize the Republican base and make a difference in the midterms.

Tell this useless and pathetic “Republican” Congress to go back to the drawing board.

Tell the American people that when it comes to building the wall and defunding Planned Parenthood, you mean it.


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