McConnell Makes It Clear That Congress Isn’t Going To Do Anything For Trump

I really hope President Trump watched this interview on Laura Ingraham with Mitch McConnell.

It’s easy to read between the lines of what McConnell said.

The so-called Republican Majority “Leader” basically said that judge confirmations was the only thing President Trump would get this year.

Immigration isn’t even on the agenda.

How pathetic is this?

Think about it: If Congress maintains its Majority this fall, they will have been rewarded by the base because of what Trump has done. But what will this majority Republican Congress do in return? 

The only reason Republicans have a fighting chance is because of what Trump is doing on his own. They owe everything to him.

That’s the reality. Even the judges are Trump’s picks! 

It is the president who continues to embolden the agenda.

On the corporate tax rate, it would’ve been milquetoast if the president hadn’t pushed for 15 percent and settled for 21. Any other president would’ve started in the 30s. We wouldn’t even be discussing a wall. Who know if tax cuts would have ever happened.

It has been Trump’s administration, his nominees, his negotiating prowess, his tactics. The president is doing this despite 90 percent negative press coverage and zero help from Congress. 

And President Trump isn’t even on the ballot!

If not for the president, Republicans would be dead in the water. People won’t go to the polls to elect these guys. They’re going because they approve of what Trump is doing.

So imagine if Republicans actually did some positive–anything–on their own?

Mitch McConnell made clear this week they have no intention of doing so.  

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