Why Nick Freitas Might Be The Strongest Conservative To Defeat Pro-Abortion Tim Kaine

Virginia conservatives have a major task in the mid-term election: Defeat Tim Kaine.

Why Kaine needs to go is obvious.

In addition to the Democrats standard big government, anti-freedom agenda–higher taxes, gun control, open borders–Hillary Clinton’s former running mate has tried to have it both ways on the life issue, saying he’s “against” abortion personally, but still wants to keep it legal.

Kaine, a self-professed Catholic, is dirty enough to turn a blind eye to the millions of unborn who continue to die because of legal abortion.

Republicans need to put forth a candidate strong enough to defeat Kaine in the general.

Nick Freitas signed up for the Army after 9/11 and served two combat tours as a Green Beret in Iraq. He’s a two-term member of Virginia’s House of Delegates who has never raised taxes, has vocally stood up the Second Amendment and is an unwavering defender of the Constitution. He’s been endorsed by conservative Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul. “Nick is great on all the fundamentals, the Judeo-Christian tradition, the rule of law, free markets and he’s a good guy,” Congressman Dave Brat told The Daily Caller, though Brat doesn’t endorse in primaries. “And, so I support people who believe in those fundamentals and are good solid conservative Republicans,” Brat added.

Freitas is also a staunch defender of the right to life.

Freitas is a young and energetic candidate — traits the GOP is seriously lacking. He’s an eloquent spokesman on any conservative issue he discusses. He’s instantly likable, as anyone who has attended a rally or watched some of his popular YouTube videos can attest.

These are things that will matter to general election voters.

Just as important, whether it’s his family upbringing or his military background, Freitas is someone who exercises good judgment where other Republicans often don’t. He sticks to conservative principles uncompromisingly, yet also has the ability to reach out and appeal to new and different voters, something that will be absolutely necessary to defeat the Democrats in November.

In an election year where President Trump is the only Republican with the guts to push any sort of conservative agenda–and a pathetic Republican majority that won’t help him one bit–why not send someone to Congress who cares about principles first (Sens. Lee and Paul didn’t inject themselves into a GOP state primary for no reason–they need reinforcements).

Most importantly, why not elect a solidly conservative Republican in Tuesday’s primary who also has the best chance of defeating “Catholic” pro-abort Tim Kaine?

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