The Speaker’s Race: Current House Leadership Need Not Apply

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (left) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy listen as House Speaker Paul Ryan speaks to the press on Capitol Hill. (Al Drago/Getty Images)

I have no appetite for anyone in the current House Leadership to get the Speaker’s role. No offense to McCarthy or Scalise but these guys haven’t accomplished much at all in their current posts. They’re going to try and blame Ryan, which is nonsense, and frankly unbecoming. I want someone who wants the Speaker’s gig. Ryan didn’t and it showed from Day One.

McCarthy and Scalise want it, obviously, but the lack of conservative policy success under their direction makes them non-starters. Give me some fresh faces and a new approach.

Ryan should drop the Speaker’s gavel and Republicans should consider hiring a documentary film crew to tape the Speaker’s race negotiations. Do it like HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks.’ It would be must-see TV and would box out any attention Democrats crave.


And here’s here’s an easy test: Let’s say Ryan rides this out and the Senate dumps another bad spending bill on the House’s lap. If either McCarthy or Scalise go for that, forget them as options for Speaker. 

As your Member of Congress courts your vote this year, demand that they pledge not to vote for anyone in current Leadership for Speaker. Because they’ve all failed us.


Rep. Jim Jordan (Photo: Aaron P. Bernstein, Getty Images)

I think a Jim Jordan type would be terrific, but he has to prove he has a plan, just like anyone else. It’s time for base voters to play hard to get.

There are options to replace Ryan who are laying low in the hopes they’re ‘drafted.’ I disagree. It’s too cute by half. If you want to be Speaker, prove that you want it, prove that you’re going to succeed.

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