Republicans Have Ruined Their Brand, And It Could Ruin Their 2018 Chances

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Spending is one critical thing that should distinguish an allegedly conservative Republican Party from Democrats. 

Now on spending, Republicans are worse than the Democrats.

We’ve seen this before.

Republicans made the same mistake during the second Bush presidency, spending like drunken sailors. They also made the same mistake in 2012—giving Obama everything he wanted, thinking he would never be reelected, and then Mitt Romney would swoop into the White House and reverse it all. 

Now, here we are again. They think there’s no way voters would put Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge. 

Think again.

Because that’s a very real possibility we are once again facing because the GOP Congress violates the public’s trust.  

2018 looks darker every day, and Congressional Republicans are solely to blame. 

Despite all the spinning that goes on in Washington, Republicans in Congress have one major accomplishment: They completely ruined their brand.

Seriously, what has this Republican majority Congress done?

On social and cultural issues, Congress has done nothing. A majority GOP Congress couldn’t even pass the Pain Capable Act, which would ban abortions past 20 weeks, a law that that has strong public supportThey can’t defund Planned Parenthood either.

Aren’t Republicans the pro-life party? Aren’t they in charge of Congress?

These were supposed to be easy wins. Republicans failed miserably.

In fact, the most socially conservative Republican in Washington right now is Donald Trump.  

Let that one sink in. 

The GOP has also blown it on spending. Sure they crow about a corporate tax rate reduction, but then they turn around and saddle taxpayers with ballooning debt and deficits. 

The budget “deal” they just passed spends more than any of Obama’s budgets.

Let that sink in.

How many of these Republicans campaigned as deficit hawks? It’s like the Tea Party never happened.

Republicans have now completely boxed themselves into a corner. In addition to failing on social issues and fiscal responsibility, they didn’t repeal Obamacare (yes, they’ve ditched the individual mandate, but that’s just one part of this monstrosity). Instead, Republicans bailed out the insurance companies—which is exactly what Obama did.

So besides mimicking Obama—what’s next?

If the GOP sells out their base on immigration, voters will stay home, Democrats will regain control of Congress, the tax cuts will be tax increases, and Judge Gorsuch will be the last constitutional justice we will see confirmed during the Trump Administration. 

Voters want you to deliver on your promises.

Republicans ran on six primary issues in the last election:

1. Enacting tax cuts
2. Cutting spending
3. Appointing conservative judges
4. Repealing Obamacare 
5. Fixing immigration/strengthening border security
6. Protecting the unborn


Congress has only delivered on two of these promises — tax cuts and judges.

The spending bill was an immoral betrayal to voters and our children. Funding and building the wall and strengthening security at the border may not be enough to save the GOP majority, but it’s the only card they have left to play. 

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