A Plug For Wall Street Journal’s Live Blogging from the Supreme Court

Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

If you want to catch up on the cake baker case and all its proceedings at the Supreme Court today, you need to check out the Wall Street Journal’s streaming live blog feed. Very informative one-stop shopping.

Highly recommend it

Here’s an Excerpt:

No Easy Prediction for Wedding Cake Case’s Outcome

There’s no easy prediction on the case’s outcome. Justice Anthony Kennedy, expected to be the deciding vote, showed deep understanding and respect for both sides and their arguments, and concern for the implications of the court’s eventual ruling. But liberals like Justice Breyer also showed sympathy for the baker’s right to his beliefs, while conservatives such as Justice Gorsuch raised concerns about opening too wide a door. It was clear that many of of the justices wished there was a way to reconcile the competing values in a workable way–even if the arguments ended with no evident path to such an outcome.

Ever since this gay wedding cake case came on the radar, and every time I read news about it, I keep asking myself the same question: Can’t these guys just go find another baker?

Was all of this necessary? If/when the Supreme Court rules, is the ruling really going to change how people feel about this? I don’t think so. — DB 

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