Republicans Are Complicit In How Much Mueller Is Spending

Fox News has the low-down on how much Robert Mueller has spent on his witch hunt of the Trump administration. 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office revealed Tuesday that the first few months of his Russia investigation cost taxpayers a total of nearly $7 million. 

The sum includes $3.2 million in direct investigation expenses covering things like pay, supplies and rent;  $1.7 million was for salary and benefits. 

Then there are the $3.5 in “indirect expenses,” covering expenses like agents working on raids or interviews and other government contractors. The office said those expenses would have been incurred “irrespective of the existence of the SCO.“

The report covers the period from May 17, the date of Mueller’s appointment, through Sept. 30, the end of the federal fiscal year. 

According to the Justice Department, the budget was approved by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. 

Republicans control every facet of government. They have power of the purse, and the votes to exercise that power. Just because Rosenstein approves the budget the Special Counsel submits – and just because the Treasury Department administers the funds – doesn’t mean Republicans don’t have any say in the matter. Today, tomorrow or any day for that matter, Republicans could insert a rider into the next spending bill and end Mueller’s money lifeline. The House has its own investigation. The Senate has its own investigation. Everyone involved in these investigations are supposed to have impeccable credentials and resumes, just like Mueller. So why does Congress keep funding Mueller, with no end in sight, with our tax dollars?? — DB

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