Democrat Conyers To Retire Immediately

John Conyers announces retirement. (Reuters photo: Rebecca Cook)

Multiple women are now accusing Democrat John Conyers of sexual harassment. One of the latest women is claiming Conyers got frisky with her while the two were in church

But…If the accusations against Conyers “are not true,” as he said today, then why settle the cases with money from the Congressional Slush Fund? Why quit? 

Reuters reports

The House Ethics Committee last week opened an investigation into Conyers, 88, after he said his office had resolved a harassment case of a former staffer with a payment but no admission of guilt.

“Whatever they are, they are not accurate or they are not true, and I think that they are something that I can’t explain where they came from,” he said.

If you were wrongly accused of sexual harassment…or of anything…would you quit your job in disgrace? — DB

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