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It’s so devastating to hear about those young kids killed in Texas. It’s easily the worst part of this shooting, or any shooting. Our hearts go out to all those who lost loved ones, especially little ones.

I’ll admit that I’ve grown desensitized to these events, but more so the aftermath. It’s dumb to have the same conversation, every time, after these massacres. To blame the tools and want to ban guns is a ridiculous position because it does not work. To act surprised that these events are politicized is also dumb.

I wouldn’t mind gun safety being taught in school. Everything from auto mechanics to nursery is taught, so why not gun safety? The bad guys are going to find a way to teach themselves how to murder. The good guys could use lessons in defending themselves.

At mass over the past few months, I find myself regularly mapping out an exit strategy during mass. I’m not thinking about the mass or why I’m there. My mind is increasingly occupied with thoughts of what I would need to do to get my family out of there, if I needed to, from wherever I was sitting that week. Does anyone else do this?

An emerging narrative on tax reform… The House and then next, the Senate, is where all the action will be. The White House wants three things: 1) cut corporate tax rates to 20%, 2) cut taxes for the middle class, and 3) simplify the tax filing process, and will stick to that script. Everything else will be negotiable. More importantly, the White House expects the House to figure out the details themselves.

I hope the provision to repeal the Johnson Amendment stays in the bill. The Johnson Amendment has been in the tax code since 1954 and prohibits churches, foundations and other c(3) organizations from endorsing political candidates. I find the opportunities long-term to be fascinating, especially for Christians. A repeal of the Johnson Amendment provides opportunities for individual parishes to endorse whomever they prefer. The potential scenarios are endless: you can pick a parish based on endorsement record success, for instance. Or how about change from one parish to another based on an endorsement? Which issues does your parish consider most important for endorsement: pro-life or immigration or fill-in-the-blank?


How many of you would engage more in the political space IF you could engage through your church?


Off the beaten path…


Streaming on Spotify today: Was in a bar the other day and heard Live Wire by AC/DC. It’s off their debut album. Have no idea why I had never heard it before, but it’s a great tune. Would also make for a good name for a TV show!



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