It’s Time For GOP Senators To Demand A Leadership Change

ForAmerica: The Time Is Now For Republican Senators

To Demand A Leadership Change


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — ForAmerica President David Bozell gave the following public remarks today, alongside a coalition of conservative leaders, calling on Senator Mitch McConnell to step down:


“18 percent, 9 percent, and negative 42 percent. These are the respective approval numbers for Mitch McConnell’s Leadership performance. 18% in his home commonwealth of Kentucky, 9% nationwide, and among Trump voters, negative 42 percent.

“The time for Senators to start seriously demanding a leadership change is now. Mitch McConnell and the leadership team are as toxic as ever, beyond repair.

“If this was a football team and you’ve lost this many times, you’d start firing the coaches. When a corporate enterprise sees its stock sink like a stone, the Board fires the CEOs to stop the bleeding.

“These awful numbers are because of the lack of results and demonstrate that the Leadership team, their efforts, their priorities, and their chosen strategies of writing bills behind closed doors and forcing make-believe arbitrary deadlines, have failed, again, in spectacular fashion.

“As my colleagues have just articulated, there are serious concerns as to whether McConnell and his Leadership team can cut taxes, fight illegal immigration, repeal ObamaCare, or tackle just about any major issue facing our country.

“But there are two issues on the cultural front that also require our attention: The Pain Capable bill and Planned Parenthood.

“Reasonable people can disagree on the larger issue of abortion, but science has proven that 20 week-old babies in the womb can feel the pain and torture of being aborted. The House, addressing the scientific community’s concerns and consensus, has passed the Pain Capable Act three times. President Trump has publicly stated his eagerness to sign this legislation.

“Not only will the leadership team not lift a finger to sell this bill, and help end these atrocities, Senator John Cornyn, deemed “Pain Capable” to be “not a short-term priority,” all but declaring the bill dead-on-arrival, even though the bill enjoys 64% approval from the public.

“Defunding the abortion mill Planned Parenthood is another promise Leadership has failed to deliver on. Chief among the Senate’s responsibilities is to be stewards of taxpayer resources, and yet, inexplicably, Planned Parenthood continues to receive $500 million in federal funds, with no end in sight.

“These cultural issues, because they’re so personal, because abortion is the holy grail of the Left, require a level of effort, persuasion, salesmanship, and guts that this Leadership team either fails to realize, cannot accomplish, or simply does not want to address.

“To charge Democrats, and I include Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski in that mix, with obstruction on these cultural issues, when there’s been nothing to obstruct, is disingenuous.

“The grassroots has spoken and want fresh faces in Leadership positions. The Leadership’s dismal approval ratings prove it.  The groundwork has been laid. The environment has been conditioned.

“The time for Senators to step up, in the interest of their own constituencies, and demand a change is now.”

The leaders of each conservative organization signed an open letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell

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