Bozell: The Left’s Obsession With Opposing Trump on North Korea Is Dangerous

Bozell: The Left’s Obsession With Opposing Trump on North Korea Is Dangerous
“Unprecedented partisanship”

(RESTON, VA): ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell released the following statement in response to the Left’s criticism of President Trump’s rhetoric with North Korea:


“When an enemy threatens to drop a nuclear bomb on our country, and the Commander-in-Chief declares his intention to defend the nation, the nation rallies to his side. What we’re seeing here is beyond shocking.  The Left’s knee-jerk reaction has been to try to pit the American people against our Commander-in-Chief.

“This is as unprecedented as it is dangerous partisanship. There has never been a moment in the history of this nation where a major political force agitated against the Commander-in-Chief in the face of an enemy’s declaration of an intent to attack our nation. And with a nuclear bomb, no less!

“Regardless of political differences,  the American people — the Left included — should rally around the president in a show of force against all political enemies.”

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