Republicans Need To Go All-In On Trump’s Tax Cuts


Cutting middle class taxes must become the GOP’s primary focus.


Cutting taxes for the middle class is the mechanism through which Republicans can and should redeem themselves after their hack job attempting to repeal Obamacare. 

Republicans in Congress, led by President Trump, need to set a hard September 30 deadline so that taxes can be cut retroactively for 2017. The effects will be felt immediately by taxpayers.

The good news: President Trump announced this summer that he wants to go big on tax cuts.

As White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders surmised, “Right now, we are focused on the three big priorities of the tax reform: a simple [and] fairer tax code, middle class relief and creating jobs.”

The bad news: We must rely on our weak-kneed, slow-moving, Congress to have the political will power and stamina to get the job done, and quickly.  

The incompetence we’ve seen during the healthcare debate does not inspire. Expect leadership to make excuses as to why their hands are tied, or why big ticket tax reform items can’t be done

But we don’t have time for excuses. Nor can Republicans afford it.

The GOP must remember history.

Ronald Reagan faced many challenges before his implementing successful tax reform in 1986. Reagan hurdled obstacle after obstacle, and his plan was declared DOA on more than one occasion.

“(W)ith revamping the tax code a major priority of the Trump White House,” Larry Light observed at CBS News Money Watch back in March, “it might help him to study how Reagan delivered the last major tax overhaul three decades ago. “Reagan’s success on tax reform in 1986 came despite many twists and turns, and more than a few times the entire enterprise appeared doomed,” Light notes.

Still, Reagan got it done, and the 1986 legislation will always be a significant part of his legacy. President Reagan even achieved tax reform with a Democratic House. Republicans control all three branches of government for the moment.

There really is no excuse not to do this.

Yes, there will be challenges, and the U.S. Treasury is already being unhelpful. Many Republican leaders will want to pass the buck.

But in Reagan, we had a Republican president who insisted in pushing tax reform legislation through no matter what. Reagan never backed down.

Trump should show the same determination and his party should be there helping him at every step. It’s important for conservatives to have this victory. Not only for the GOP, but for the country.

America needs an economic boost and families need relief. Job creation is essential.

Among voters, demand is high for middle class tax cuts. According to Gallup, 61 percent of Americans say they want a cut in taxes to the middle class, while they were more split on cutting corporate taxes.  

The same study reveals what Congress should already know if they listen to their constituents: a majority of Republican voters believe middle-income Americans pay too much in federal taxes.

But above all: Republicans are supposed to be the party of low taxes. Supposed to be.

It’s one of the GOP’s most fundamental selling points.

So if tax reform doesn’t happen, if Republicans sit on their hands, or kick the can down the road, or spend too much time fighting with the president, or don’t market their policy prescriptions, or don’t set legislative deadlines, or many of the other infuriating and befuddling things current leadership has done…

If Republicans can’t cut taxes for the middle class… what’s the point of their existence?











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