Kellyanne Conway Is A Conservative Rock Star, So Of Course The Media Hates Her

The pitchforks are out before she utters a word.

Kellyanne Conway was one of the MVPs of 2016. It is hard to imagine Donald Trump winning without her. Still, she never got the proper credit.

If she had helped Hillary Clinton win, Kellyanne would have been on the cover of every national magazine, held up as a political genius, appeared on all the award shows and maybe even heralded as a new feminist role model.

But recognizing a conservative’s achievements? Not a chance.

In almost every interview Conway grants now, the pitchforks are out before she utters a word. Joe Scarborough arrogantly tried to put words in her mouth. His MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski called Kellyanne “politics porn.” CNN’s Chris Cuomo wouldn’t even let her answer a question. Many of the things both men and women pundits say about Kellyanne would be considered sexist in any other context.

The total lack of respect for Conway—a smart, successful woman and mother of four—really is astounding.

It’s also not surprising.

Anyone who allows just a moment to engage in dialogue with Kellyanne, rather than talking over her or resorting to childish attacks, will discover a clever woman they might disagree with, but who can hold her own in virtually any environment.

The left doesn’t want to allow her any space to present to viewers who she truly is. They also probably don’t want her showing up the liberal hosts.

Kellyanne’s intellect was something the left used to at least acknowledge. Her appearances with liberals such as Bill Maher used to accord her some respect even among ideological foes, but progressives burning hatred for President Trump seems to have erased whatever manners they might have once had.

People who can’t argue just yell or attack. Thankfully, Kellyanne has always been better than that.

When Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond made crude remarks about Conway—a sexist attack—at a Washington press dinner in March, CNN’s Jake Tapper pressed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to condemn the remarks. Pelosi bobbed and weaved but could not bring herself to do it.

For Democrats, it’s okay to be sexist so long as the target is a conservative.

Which brings us to what so many on the left ultimately resent about what Conway and what she represents: Kellyanne is an independent-minded conservative who does not allow feminists to define what it means to be a strong woman. She completely defies the left’s stereotypes.

And let’s not forget Kellyanne’s raw political talent. It was once said of the great NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt that he could “see the air” in the chaos of high-speed, superspeedway pack racing. It was a skill-set that enabled him to push forward, toward the front, and win multiple titles.

Kellyanne’s political attributes are similar. She has a nose for what sells, and can see political winds blowing before they appear; talents which aided the Trump campaign in crafting and marketing messaging that pulled off the greatest political upset in American history.

Kellyanne has become a role model for so many conservative women which means the attacks from the Opposition Media are only going to get worse.

My advice to my friend Kellyanne is to do less of these shows to keep your sanity. If liberal pundits don’t understand what you have to offer, or at least begin to show you respect at even a minimal level, they aren’t worth your time. They need you more than you need them.

You can do better. The left won’t.

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