Pro-Trump Super PAC Donors See Their Money Thrown Away

The so-called “Pro-Trump” Super PAC, America First Policies, announced yesterday a $3 million advertising campaign in support of 12 Republican House members who publicly supported a bill that was never voted on. Here’s the ad for Congressman Scott Tipton (CO), in case you want to watch it – it’s got a whopping 14 views as of this writing, and it looks like every other political ad you’ve seen in the last eight years.

The Washington Post reported: “[America First Policies] said they’re trying to show House Republicans that there are benefits to standing with Trump on sticky issues….” The campaign will offer friendship (with benefits!) for those members who would’ve have voted for Speaker Paul Ryan’s American HealthCare Act and will run on broadcast, digital, and yada, yada, yada…it doesn’t matter because it’s a waste of money.

Let’s review. Ryan’s bill never passed. It wasn’t signed by the President. It was pulled from the floor before the big vote. I don’t believe any of these members even had any hand in writing the bill. Only two of the 12 members on the list serve on a committee of jurisdiction that saw the AHCA bill go through their committee, (Gary Palmer of Alabama on the Budget Committee and David Schweikert of Arizona on Ways and Means Committee, respectively). None of the other ten had to vote on the AHCA at any point during the legislative process.

In other words, not one of these members did anything.

They never took a so-called “tough vote.” They never asked to. They never had to. The bill was pulled.

Don’t blame the members for these ads, but each one of them should seriously consider denouncing and distancing themselves from this silliness. What good, political or otherwise, does it do to have the proverbial “swamp” remind your constituents that you were supportive of a bill that only the swamp was in favor of?

Moreover, the ads are a waste of donor resources. It’s never a good idea to remind voters of your failure.

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