11 Stages of Super Bowl Sunday, as told by Groundhog Day

1. Wake up earlier than you ever would on a Sunday.  It’s GAME DAY.

2. Make one last run to the grocery store for beer and hot sauce. Race home.

3. Start drinking. Nervously watch the 6-hour pre-game analysis on ESPN.

4. Your buddies start arriving. Overreact to pre-game trash talking against your team.

5. Let the nerves build during the national anthem, in preparation for kick-off. Try to remain calm.

6. Eat until you can’t eat anymore. Almost have a nervous breakdown.

7. Watch in disbelief as your team fumbles the ball over and over and over again.

8. Ignore the halftime commentary suggesting your team can’t recover for a win.

9. Take the gravity of this game to a whole new level.

10. Take credit for it when your team wins.

11. And if they lose, you are perfectly entitled to take it out on everything on Monday.

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