Boehner and McConnell continue their retreat on amnesty

The Washington Times S.A. Miller reports:

Conservatives saw it as raising a white flag when Republican congressional leaders pledged not to withhold funding for the Department of Homeland Security in the fight over President Obama’s deportation amnesty, stoking fears that for the next two years House Speaker John A. Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will consistently surrender.

For the Republican base, Mr. Obama’s unilateral move to grant legal status and work permits for up to 5 million illegal immigrants was an unlawful power grab that created a constitutional crisis.

If Republican leaders were not willing to use Congress’ power of the purse — the most potent weapon possessed by lawmakers to restrict a president — to stop a brazen unconstitutional act, conservatives reasoned, would the GOP-controlled Congress ever go to the mat to fight Mr. Obama?

Exactly. When will Republican leadership take Obama head on over his executive amnesty as they promised they would during the last election? As most Republicans promised they would when they were campaigning?

Miller notes, “The conservative core of the party has long been leery of Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell…”

That’s an understatement. Though Boehner and McConnell will try, there is absolutely no excuse for leadership not following through on what they promised conservatives on this issue and many others. None.

Their actions are going to have to eventually match their rhetoric. How can John Boehner even say this with a straight face?

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