Obama’s 9 Biggest Fails in 2013


1 – Iran Diplomacy Disaster

Obama attempted to spin the Iran nuclear situation by trying to convince the world that his diplomacy skills have unified the world when in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re not fooling anyone, Mr. Obama.




2 – To Invade Syria, or to Not Invade Syria!?

The complete and utter lack of leadership on Syria to the point the American people were just begging for a
decision to be made from our “Commander in Chief.”



3 – The Billion Dollar Broken Website

Of course there’s that ObamaCare website with a price tag topping $1 billion in taxpayer money– and it didn’t even work. But hey, it’s just a glitch… patience, people.



4 – Constitutional Scholar in Chief Ignores 4th Amendment

It was also revealed that Obama’s NSA has been unconstitutionally collecting data on phone calls from American citizens. Fourth Amendment, huh?



5 – Outsmarted by a Cartoon Villain

Obama’s weakness on the world stage allowed North Korea to pull out of negotiation talks and resume their nuclear activity. With a unstable dictator like Kim Jong Un, there’s no telling what this could mean. Not good.



6 – ObamaCare Failure # 236

After multiple failed roll outs of ObamaCare, Obama cozied up to big business corporations and offered them a one year exemption from the awful law. When Congress fought to get the same rights for the average American citizen, Obama forced the government to shut-down, and refused to negotiate, and then delayed the individual mandate anyways.



7 – Let Fringe Environmentalism Block Jobs

Obama continues to block the Keystone pipeline project, which would create thousands  of jobs and increase US energy independence, in spite of broad bi-partisan support. But hey, who needs jobs and cheap gas during a period of record high unemployment and energy prices?



8 – Wins Lie of the Year

Obama repeatedly said “If you like your health care plan, you can keep you health care plan.” He then went on to win Politifact’s “Lie of the Year” for that gem. Congrats on winning something Obama!


9 – Seventeen Day Vacation… You Deserve It!

As if all of this isn’t enough, the Obamas are in the middle of a 17-day vacation in Hawaii. SEVENTEEN DAYS. Last year’s trip cost over $4 million dollars— wonder if the Obamas will out do themselves. Daiquiri’s, anyone?