Daily #TrainWreck: President Obama and Democrats are flouting ObamaCare

Three years ago, the Democrats force-fed ObamaCare through Congress and down the throats of the American people, yet now, when the law was supposed to be implemented, these same Democrats—along with President Obama—are flouting the law.

In the past months, President Obama and his Administration have waived or delayed a number of Obamacare’s features, most notable being the law’s employer mandate.  In fact, President Obama has missed 41 out of 82 legally Imposed implementation deadlines. Despite missing half of the deadlines, Obama and Democrats in Congress are not tweaking or changing the law. Instead they are circumventing its flaws and exempting themselves and their political friends from this monstrosity.

It’s become blatantly obvious that ObamaCare is an absolute trainwreck. This law needs to be defunded before it’s the American people who are forced to pay for and be impacted by its plethora of flaws.