ForAmerica-Tea Party Patriots Letter


Dear Senator:


We are writing to you on a matter of the utmost importance and urgency, and urge you in the strongest possible terms to join with your colleague, Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, by pledging that you will not support any Continuing Resolution or other mechanism that includes continued funding for Obamacare.

An estimated $684 million is scheduled to be spent implementing Obamacare through the end of 2013, including the hiring of some 16,000 Internal Revenue Service agents to enforce it. Yet labor unions have expressed their opposition to Obamacare, and the bill's chief Senate patron, Sen. Max Baucus, has characterized its implementation as a "trainwreck."

Not a single Republican Member of Congress voted to support Obamacare when it came for a vote in 2009. Not one. That is gratifying to us and consistent with conservative principles.  However, any vote now or in the future to support continued funding for Obamacare is the equivalent of supporting it. For any Republican Senator to not join Sen. Lee by pledging to oppose continued funding for Obamacare, it would be like saying, "I was against the bill before I was for it."

Conservatives of all stripes demand accountability and honesty from their elected officials.  That is why we are asking that you demonstrate your integrity in opposing Obamacare by pledging not to support its continued funding.

There have been dozens of votes in the House and Senate to repeal Obamacare and many more entreaties to replace it.  All of these actions have proved hollow and none has had any effect in slowing its implementation.  There is no time for another meaningless vote to repeal this monstrosity.  There is no time for more empty words on replacing it.  There is no time to again implore this administration to delay its implementation.  In truth, Sen. Lee's letter pledging to oppose continued funding for Obamacare is the last, best hope we have of sparing the American people and our economy from the ravages of this impending "trainwreck."

As principled conservatives, we applaud all whose efforts reflect core, conservative values.  For the same reason, we are unable to support any elected official who votes in favor of continued funding for something as antithetical to those core values as Obamacare. This is the most critical issue of our time and we have a responsibility to educate all Americans as to the facts of this matter.

The facts are plain:  If you fund it, you are for it.

There is only one remaining course of action and the time for action is now.  We strongly urge you to join with Sen. Lee by pledging to oppose continued funding of Obamacare.


L. Brent Bozell III                                Jenny Beth Martin

Chairman, ForAmerica                        Co-Founder, Tea Party Patriots