Bozell: Fire IRS Official Who Oversaw Targeting of Conservative Groups, Promoted to Head IRS ObamaCare Office

“If there is any sliver of respect for the American people left in President Obama’s administration, he will immediately fire Sarah Hall Ingram.”

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – ForAmerica Chairman L. Brent Bozell III today released a statement regarding the promotion of IRS staffer Sarah Hall Ingram, who led the IRS’ Tax Exempt/Government Entities Division during the agency’s targeting of conservative groups, to head the IRS “Affordable Care” Office.

“If there is any sliver of respect for the American people left in President Obama's administration, he will immediately fire Sarah Hall Ingram. There is no place inside the IRS for such an ideologically driven individual, one of the key individuals in charge of handing out punishment to groups that did not support the President's far left agenda.

“It is becoming more and more clear that the Obama Administration has politicized the IRS to unprecedented proportions. Ms. Ingram even received over $100,000 in pay off for work on behalf of this effort. The President and Jack Lew clearly knew about Ms. Ingram and should have fired her immediately. Now that she has been exposed publicly, there are no more excuses.

“Furthermore, Congress should not provide the funding for any additional hiring of IRS Obamacare agents. The Obama Administration's IRS is completely politicized and cannot be trusted to oversee the American people's personal health records.

“Instead of providing funding, Congress should be holding hearings to investigate this unprecedented level of government corruption, and illegal abuse of government power.”


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