ICYMI: Bozell Takes on Law, Crossroads on the Laura Ingraham Show


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – In case you missed it, ForAmerica Chairman L. Brent Bozell III went on the Laura Ingraham Show to discuss the Karl Rove and Steven Law-led effort to take out conservative candidates for office and the importance of supporting true conservatives.


Highlights from ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell’s interview with Laura Ingraham:

Bozell: “If you are going to look at the Buckley rule of supporting the most electable conservative then Steve Law and Karl Rove should retire from politics because their record is of disastrous results not supporting electable conservatives, that’s the record.”

Bozell: “It’s not a fight on the right, that’s the exact problem. It’s a fight between moderates and conservatives within the Republican party.”

Bozell: “What’s offensive is that they would use the term conservative in their title … Karl Rove and Steve Law calling themselves conservative is like Brent Bozell calling himself Ray Lewis, there are some things we are and there are some things we are not.”

Bozell: “This is the same crowd that spent 127 million dollars supporting that guy Romney and you saw how well they did. They were called by Bloomberg news the biggest losers of 2012. Their own buddy Donald Trump called them a waste of money.”

Bozell: “They want the Bush camp to take over the Republican Party.”

Bozell: “These were the same people in 2010 that opposed Marco Rubio with Crist who became a Democrat.”

Bozell: “These were the same people that told us in 1980 that Ronald Reagan was unelectable.”

Bozell: “This election was decided in the halls of Congress, not out in the campaign field. Look, Republicans won in 2010, they captured the House because the Tea Party was on fire, because they were doing something, and they came to Washington and they stopped working. They stopped advancing a conservative agenda. Both John Boehner and McConnell in the Senate just walked away from the Tea Party.”

Bozell: “Until you start fighting for your causes you’re not going to get the numbers … Republicans didn’t have the numbers in 2010, but look how they elected a majority in the House because they went out and fought for their beliefs and they took a stand as the Republican Party. We believe in XYZ, we’re going to defund, we’re going to repeal ObamaCare … Didn’t all these people get elected because of that? What have they done?”

Bozell: “Look at the Fiscal Cliff, Republicans should have passed a tax cut for everybody … Instead they caved.”


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