The Many Ways Hillary Clinton Tries to Escape Blame for Benghazi

Yesterday, Clinton blamed the security lapses on a lack of funding for the State Department, which especially made no sense when we consider that she also claimed that she never saw security requests for Benghazi.  If that is truly the case, then the funding isn’t the issue, after all, even with an unlimited amount of funds, it would stand to reason that money wouldn’t be allocated for improved security if a problem was never perceived.  Clinton, however, chose not to address her own failures when it comes to running a State Department where her staff would fail to bring to her attention something as important as a request for additional security from a U.S. Ambassador in an extremely unstable region of the world.

Clinton also chose not to address the failures of her underlings, presumably a very negative reflection on her leadership, but simply chose to make the statement that “responsibility for the failures … set at the Assistant Secretary level and below.” That’s right; she chose to blame the help.

Of course, Hillary now thinks that at this point, four months after the fact, “what difference does it make?” Now, Clinton can’t see the point of getting to the bottom of the murder of U.S. personnel in a foreign land, because the time has passed, and she thinks it really doesn’t matter who is to blame.  That is probably why she has only bothered to speak with one American Benghazi survivor in the four months since the terrorist attack.  Unfortunately, in Washington she probably used the smart tactic, delay the public accounting for four months, avoid the scrutiny for your boss while he is running for reelection, and eventually too few law makers will care anymore to make sure someone is held accountable.