The Fiscal Cliff Deal: Bankrupt our Children Tomorrow; Take Money out of our Pockets Today

The so-called fiscal cliff deal that was struck a couple weeks ago will start to be felt by many Americans today.  That is because for many Americans today is payday, and because of this disastrous deal which was just supposed to punish the rich, ended up punishing nearly every working American.  When this deal was signed by Obama, it ensured that payroll taxes would rise, and that means your paycheck will be lighter than the one you got last year.

Usually when you make such a huge sacrifice as having to pay higher payroll taxes now, it means that you get a payoff in the future.  But not this cow pie of a deal,  no, the deal that Obama and McConnell struck amazingly requires tax hikes today and adds $4 trillion to the debt that our children will one day have to pay.  Not every deal can be a win-win proposition, but don’t we deserve better than a lose-lose deal from our esteemed elected officials?