ObamaCare Causing Double-Digit Premium Hikes, Mostly on the Middle Class

The New York Times is reporting that all across the nation health insurance companies are seeking and receiving permission for double-digit increases in premiums.  The NYT report notes that this is a direct failure of the stated goals of ObamaCare that the Obama administration used to attempt to rally support for the legislation.

The article goes on to explain that these increases are particularly hurting small businesses and people who do not have employer provided insurance. Of course the first of these groups is particularly important, as they are the largest source of employment in the U.S.  And the second group being quite significant because these are people who can ill afford more expensive health insurance or the alternative option of facing a severely harsh tax for being uninsured.

This is just another in a long line of examples of the Obama administration claiming to be looking out for the middle class, and instead enacting policies that threaten to be the ruin of the middle class in America.