ForAmerica Final Election Social Media Blitz Will Reach Over 7 Million People in 9 Target States


Biggest Independent Social Media Campaign in History Will Also Directly Contact Conservatives in Target States 10 Times or More in Last 3 Weeks


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell announced today that the social media powerhouse will contact (through Facebook posts, videos, emails, etc.) more than 7 million people in 9 battleground states from October 1st until Election Day. The push is aimed at motivating Americans to go to the polls and vote against the liberal agenda in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri and Montana.

“We have spent more than two years building and educating the largest online conservative network.  And that network is now educated and mobilized to make an impact.  Through social media, ForAmerica will directly reach millions of independents and conservatives in target states and encourage them to bring their friends and family when they vote. Based on our engagement numbers, the conservative base is motivated as much or more than it was in the 2010 midterms. The intensity meter is off the charts,” said Bozell.

On Facebook alone, ForAmerica will directly contact conservatives in those 9 target states 10 times in the last three weeks leading up to November 6th. Additionally, ForAmerica will directly contact its own fans in those 9 target states an additional five times in the last three weeks of the campaign.

Key metrics about ForAmerica’s last month blitz:

  • Directly contact more than 7 million people in the 9 target states from October 1st through Election Day
  • Directly contact or “touch” conservatives in the 9 target states 10 times in the last 3 weeks of the campaign
  • Directly contact or “touch” ForAmerica Facebook fans in the 9 target states 5 times or more in the last 3 weeks of the campaign

Additionally, ForAmerica’s Facebook following outnumbers Obama For America in eight of the nine targeted states.  Below is the state-by-state breakdown:

ForAmerica OFA
Ohio 118,140 88,133
Florida 219,180 87,837
Virginia 95,380 62,235
Colorado 49,440 41,580
Iowa 23,500 26,509
Wisconsin 46,820 29,514
Pennsylvania 97,340 39,279
Missouri 79,320 7,628
Montana 16,480 2,078


To arrange an interview with Brent Bozell about ForAmerica’s final month blitz, please reach out to Kevin Hollister at [email protected] or Neil Strauss at [email protected].


ForAmerica ( is an online army of over 3 million people. The group is a non-profit 501(c)4 organized to educate Americans about traditional and contemporary American values, to relentlessly fight the growth of government, to oppose any substitute to freedom and self-government, to promote individual liberty and excellence, to promote economic opportunity, and to move America toward her founding principles. ForAmerica is chaired by L. Brent Bozell III, one of the most outspoken and effective national leaders in the conservative movement today.