Bozell to GOP: Keep Your Pledge on Taxes or Conservatives Will Walk


Mr. Reince Preibus
Chairman, Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003


Dear Chairman Preibus,

I fear it is 2006-2008 all over again. After conservatives lost faith and patience with the GOP’s disastrous performance advancing one Democrat-Lite initiative after another, conservatives said: Enough. Conservatives stopped working for GOP candidates, most especially the RINOs. Then the bank windows slammed shut. Conservative donors stopped funding the GOP and the Republican Party went broke.

If the GOP again abandons its pledge of fiscal responsibility, including the promise not to raise taxes on ANYONE, again conservatives will walk. This time we may not return.

Pure and simple, in the ongoing debate over the so called “fiscal cliff”, the Republican Party is giving new definition to the word surrender. The GOP is signaling a desire to abandon its solemn commitment to advance fiscal restraint. Liberals in Washington have overspent is, leading to this fiscal mess, and it is fundamentally unfair and unwise to impose any new taxes on Americans.

As we watch the debate over the “fiscal cliff”’ it is apparent the GOP is prepared to abandon its solemn commitment to its voters, ceding all turf and policy territory to liberal Democrats. Nowhere is there a discussion over spending cuts or entitlement reform. We hear only from liberal Republicans calling for its leaders in both the House and Senate to abandon its pledge not to increase taxes.

Do you not remember what happened to President Bush when he abandoned his pledge not to raise taxes? Do you not remember what happened to the GOP, in both the House and Senate in 2006 and 2008 when it abandoned all pretense of fiscal responsibility?

We all know that taxing small business will accomplish nothing. These tax hikes will fund the government’s reckless spending habits for little more than a week, max. All it will do is cripple job creation and worsen our fragile economic condition. That’s what the Republican Party has maintained for years.

To see the Republican Leadership in Congress and numerous other GOP Representatives and Senators, day after day, talking about breaking their promise to their constituencies to not raise taxes is appalling.

Indeed, if Republicans break their promise to the American people and vote for tax increases, the only thing going off the cliff will be the Grand Old Party itself.

Reince, it pains me to say this, but if the Republican Party breaks its word to the American people and goes along with President Obama with tax increases, it will have betrayed conservatives for the final time. I will make it my mission to ensure that every conservative donor to the Republican Party that I have worked with for the last three decades— and there are many and they have given tens of millions to Republican causes—gives not one penny more to the Republican Party or any Member of Congress that votes for tax increases. The GOP will not deserve their support.

You are at the tipping point, Reince. If the GOP cannot stand tall against tax increases, the conservative movement and its donors will no longer stand with the Republican Party.


L. Brent Bozell III
Chairman, ForAmerica, Inc.