Bozell: Enough with the Moderates, Conservatives are Fed Up

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell today released the following statement:

“How is it so many Republican/conservative pundits had it all wrong? Though virtually every poll showed Obama winning, or within striking distance of virtually every battleground state, why were Noonan-Morris-Hannity-Barone-Bozell and so many others so incorrect? Perhaps it was because so many of us simply could not fathom that the United States of America would willingly choose a path to destruction. One could argue that in ’08 America didn’t know what she was buying. Not so this year. Obama’s record and agenda were there. We thought this time – this time! -- America wouldn’t buy that message. But enough of us did.

“How did this happen? Some of us argued from the start that this would either be Obama by a hair or Romney by a landslide.  And for good reason.

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