Richard Trumka is an Uneducated Blowhard

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is calling for a “second Bill of Rights.”  Honestly, it is surprising that he has the time to call press conferences to announce his latest quixotic fantasies when he his failing so badly at his day job.  Union membership is down all across this nation, and Trumka just lost the most visible fight of his career in Wisconsin last month.

Trumka has called for a new Bill of Rights to provide for the "’right to full employment and a living wage’; the ‘right to full participation in the electoral process’; the ‘right to a quality education’;  the ‘right to a voice at work’ and the ‘right to a secure and healthy future.’"  Perhaps Mr. Trumka isn’t familiar with the U.S. Constitution.  If not, maybe he should check out Article I, sections 4 and 8; Article II, section 2; Article IV, section 4; Amendments I, IV, V, IX, X, XIV, XV, XIX, XXIV, and XXVI; and every state constitution.

Alas, Mr. Trumka has shown time and time again that he is not out to serve hard working Americans, no he is only out to serve his true master – the Democratic party.