The Liberal Double Standard


Absolute hypocrisy is what this is. Aiming to distract us from the real issues at stake in our country that are of profound importance, the liberals in the media have organized their armies to take topics to the gutter. While debating religious liberty in this country, a central pillar to the founding of our nation, a distraction came about that created an unnecessary media firestorm. The radical left believes Rush Limbaugh’s comments gave them a wedge, and they are certainly trying to drive it. They called their people to create a spiraling reaction to boycott his show by pressuring advertisers and sponsors.


We will be forthright and say Rush’s words were entirely inappropriate. It was right for him to retract what he said, and he has thankfully apologized. But the radical left will never accept it because they despise him and want him off the air. They know that his frank nature drives to the very heart of issues and has made his show wildly popular to countless millions of people for 25 years. And to the left, this is simply an opportunity to put their attacks on religious liberty in a feminist frame and simultaneously shut down Limbaugh by attempting to end his career. It is all about censorship and hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy from liberal leaders and the leftist media is astoundingly shocking, intellectually dishonest, and is utterly insulting on so many levels. Below, we will show you just how all of this is true. So many leftist cronies have said far worse, have not been reprimanded, and offer no apologies to their disparaging words.

Fair warning, there will be graphic language directly quoted.

Just how sensitive are liberals to the plight of women, anyway? Let’s see how they react when one of their own savages women in ways Limbaugh would never dream of doing.

MSNBC host Ed Schultz called conservative talk host Laura Ingraham a “slut.” Some of the same sponsors who are now pulling out of Rush’s show still support Ed Schultz’s show. Such a principled stance!

On Tuesday night Robert F. Kennedy Jr., publicly on his Twitter account, called United States Senator James Inhofe a “prostitute” and “call girl.” He was able to get away with it.

Bill Maher one year ago called Sarah Palin a “dumb twat.” He followed up days later in a Dallas routine and called Palin a “c–t.” Last July on HBO, Maher said Palin was “a bully who sells patriotism like a pimp, and the leader of a strange family of inbred weirdos.” Last September, Maher said on his show that Palin would have sex with Rick Perry if he was black. He also joked recently that Rick Santorum’s wife, Karen Santorum, uses a vibrator in the bathroom while her husband is in the other room.

Did we mention that Barack Obama’s Super PAC accepted $1 million from Bill Maher? Obama on Tuesday dodged a question about Bill Maher and this issue. Could you imagine if one of the conservative candidates had a role reversal? The liberal media would never stop talking about the issue. But for their anointed one, he gets a pass.

Bill Maher gloated on his show that critics can’t touch him because “I don’t have sponsors.” It’s not about sponsors. It is about principles, and the liberals are absolute hypocrites to not show the utmost disgust for this type of intolerable language. They are essentially saying it is ok to use derogatory terms against women—but only if the woman is a conservative.

Talk show host Mike Malloy hoped Sarah Palin “drives herself into madness” and insisted Michele Bachmann is an “evil bitch from Hell” who would have gladly supervised the Holocaust.

Montel Williams rooted for Bachmann to slit her own wrist or throat.

Randi Rhodes insisted that teenage boys weren’t safe from Sarah Palin’s advances if they stayed over at her house.

Keith Olbermann called Michelle Malkin a “mashed-up bag of meat with lip stick”

Jimmy Fallon’s band for his late night show played the song “Lyin’ ass bitch” when Michelle Malkin walked on the set.

A show recently debuted on television called “Good Christian Bitches.”

A couple of years ago, “comedian” Louis CK “joked” on the Opie and Anthony radio show about Palin coming to the Republican convention “holding a baby that just came out of her f-ing, disgusting c–t, her f-ing retard-making c–t. I hate her more than anybody,” he said.

On Twitter, Louis CK attacked Palin in 2011 as a “f-ing jackoff c–t-face jazzy wondergirl” who “has a family of Chinese poor people living in her c–t hole.”

Has Louis CK been chastised by his liberal cronies? No, quite the opposite. He will be headlining The Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner in Washington, DC.

“We’re very excited about having Louis CK at the dinner,” said Jay McMichael of CNN, who chairs the Radio and Television Correspondents Association’s executive committee. “This is an evening you’ll want to experience. We’re shaking things up, showcasing the unexpected, and delivering lots of laughs.”

Liberals are certainly shaking things up. They are shaking up the discourse in this country by holding a sour double standard that favors and coddles their cronies. There is nothing to laugh about here.

For too long, liberals have been able to get away with this behavior. That ends now. Conservatives, it is time to stand up to this hypocrisy, and you can help us as ForAmerica leads the charge.

These hypocrites can no longer hold these dual standards of ethics. They did it in 2008 as they covered up Barack Obama’s radical record, and they are doing it again as they passively defend their repugnant allies who slander women. It is downright shameful.

Please listen to Rush Limbaugh here, and consider supporting his sponsors.


L. Brent Bozell III

Chairman, ForAmerica