Mandate Madness


This week, the Congressional Budget Office just ramped up its projects for the cost of ObamaCare over 10 years. They have now projected that it will be $1.76 trillion! That is nearly double what the initial estimates were. In the words of iconic disc jockey Casey Kasem: “The hits just keep on coming.”


While this administration is constantly trying to take away freedoms, Americans are realizing this intrusion into healthcare is wildly unpopular. Obama’s liberal cronies think they can continue to pull the wool over the public’s eyes, but not so fast.

This week, it is quite funny that even the New York Times’ own poll shows Obama losing the vast majority of Americans on the HHS mandate for religious employers. Of course, the New York Times buried the reality of the poll deep into the article in order to prop up Obama at every paragraph.

The findings from the poll show that Obama and his team are losing support from women over the issues of religious liberty and contraception. The liberal media always peddles the attack that conservatives and Republicans are in a “war against women” and are suffering from it. So, this new poll shows that’s not true, and that most Americans support religious liberty.

By a 21 point margin Americans oppose this mandate. That is a shockingly large number in any poll, and that differential speaks volumes to the weight of the issue. As conservatives have rightly proclaimed from day one that religious liberty is at stake, the left beats its drum to say “the right hates women.” Their phony attempts to win the public relations battle have clearly been noticed by the American people, and Americans are standing for their principles.

This month-long battle that the Obama administration has put itself in is recklessly harmful to the American foundation of religious liberty. Our country was built upon this principle, and Obama wants to push it back as far as he can.

Kathleen Sebelius admitted that she did not even consult with religious leaders on the issue. It just goes to show how they just blatantly do not care about real problems and real issues. They just want to hand out freebies to people, and will force you to pay for it —even if it violates your religious beliefs.

The bottom line is conservatives will win on this issue. Conservatives base their priorities on principles and not on craven politics, which the latter is exactly what this administration is all about. Obama’s team has tried to spin this issue hard to their territory, and it is laughable that even with the liberal media’s wind at Obama’s back the American people openly reject it. It goes to show how terrible of a President he really is.

Below, we have included some relevant coverage on the issue just to highlight some of the liberal hypocrisy in the media.

NYT Poll: Majority of Americans Say Employers Should Be Able to Opt Out of Contraception Mandate

A significant majority – 57 percent — of Americans believe religiously-affiliated employers such as universities or hospitals should be able to opt out of the Obama administration’s mandate to cover the cost of contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization for female employees, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll released Tuesday.

Obama Fares Worse Among Women after Month-Long Contraception Mandate Battle

How’s the great contraception mandate battle of 2012 playing out? If you read the Washington Post’s news coverage, the issue is supposedly killing Republicans among female voters. But the newest Washington Post/ABC poll tells a different story.

Be Not Afraid to Oppose the HHS Mandate

This morning when I went to the New York Times website, the first thing I saw was the still-lingering hot-story headline from the weekend in the “What’s Popular Now” box: “Centrist Women Tell of Disenchantment With Republicans.” As Shannen and Ramesh have already noted, the Times and their readers ought to get with the times. And its own poll.

Liberal spin out of sync with liberal media polls on HHS mandate

For weeks now, liberal pundits have been predicting the GOP’s so-called “war on contraception” would be a huge boon for President Obama, politically. In actuality, it seems that analysis isn’t supported by polling results. Yesterday, John McCormack noted that according to the newest Washington Post/ABC poll, President Obama actually lost ground among women during the last month. But as Mickey Kaus notes — also buried in today’s New York Times/CBS poll — are some additionally interesting numbers (of course, you won’t read them in the front-page article about the survey.)