ForAmerica Executive Director David Bozell on the Keystone Pipeline


President Obama on Tuesday finally made a decision on the Keystone pipeline permit. He has decided to sacrifice tens of thousands of jobs for Americans and our Canadian allies in order to keep his radical base happy. Maybe the pipeline should have pledged to go bankrupt, deliver no energy, and require a loan-guarantee. Obama would have approved it then.


The President is also criticizing congressional Republicans for the timeline that was put forth to make a decision on the project, saying it is too short to do a thorough review. However, the Democratic Senate approved the timeline after the House sent it to them. And please, how is this a rushed decision when the pipeline has been studied for two years?

Could Obama say with a straight face that he didn’t rush the largest spending bill in our nation’s history through in 2009, or that Congress was given plenty of time to fully consider ObamaCare before voting? Even Nancy Pelosi (who claimed that ObamaCare would create 400,000 jobs almost immediately) said the bill had to be passed so she could find out what’s in it.

This hypocrisy is beyond pathetic. Behold the incredible shrinking president.

Obama and his environmentalist allies are whining that the job increase claims by Keystone supporters (read: everyone, except Obama and environmentalists) are vastly inflated. The lowest predictions claim that the Keystone pipeline will create 20,000 jobs instantly, while the higher estimates show upwards of 100,000. When the ultra-liberal Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, claims that a subway extension in his city will create between 37,000 and 43,000 jobs for a two mile project, it’s a safe bet that a 1,700 mile pipeline will do significantly better.

Oddly, today Mr. Obama rolled out his first campaign ad. Guess what it was on? Energy policies. It’s ironic to say the least.

He boasts: “Under my Administration, domestic oil and natural gas production is up, while imports of foreign oil are down.” But that is only because the private sector is doing the heavy work as usual.

What Obama really controls is the government, and reports show energy production is down 40% on federal lands. Government is propping up failed green initiatives like Solyndra that are dumping half a billion in taxpayer dollars down the drain. But apparently the proven, job-creating industry of oil and gas development would “at this time…not serve the national interest,” Obama says.

This is also a slap in the face to hard-working Americans not to mention our Canadian allies, and further keeps us leashed to oil groups outside of our continent that, in many cases, will go to great lengths to prove their anti-American sentiments. In fact, we’re sending $70 million overseas every single day to support our oil and gas demands.

The President has been routinely pursuing policies that hurt our country’s economic growth in order to pander to his liberal cronies. The Keystone decision is just one more dramatic example of failure on the part of this Administration.

David Bozell

Executive Director