ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell Endorses Senator Ron Johnson for Vice Chairman of the Republican Conference


“Though the first votes for the Republican Presidential nomination will be cast in 25 days, an important election for conservatives across the country will be held much sooner.


“Tuesday of next week, the election for Vice Chairman of the Republican Conference within the United States Senate will be held. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is the clear choice for conservatives as he has been a commanding voice for conservatives within the Republican Party. Senator Johnson is a freshman senator, elected during the tidal wave 2010 elections, and has owned and operated a business for 31 years. He is not part of Washington’s establishment.

“In the Senate, his record proves he has been a champion for the principles of conservatives. The Heritage Action for America scorecard, which ranks members’ votes on conservative issues, has given Senator Johnson a 91% –one of the highest in the entire Senate. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan has endorsed Johnson because ‘he’s a proven leader for fiscal responsibility in Congress.’

“His opponent in this race is Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri. Blunt scored of 64% on the same Heritage Action scale. Blunt is also a freshman senator who previously spent 14 years in the House and held leadership positions for brief periods.  He is a creature of the establishment who is endorsed and supported by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

“We need Senator Ron Johnson to be Vice Chairman of the Republican Conference. His stalwart principles and voice in the Republican leadership will help get this country moving in the right direction again. With Senator John Thune likely at the helm of the Republican Conference, the push for conservative legislation and government reform will be critical to finding solutions to our nation’s problems in the upcoming years.

“We urge our members to contact their Republican Senators and tell them to support Ron Johnson for Vice Chairman of the Republican Conference.”

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