Conservatives Face A Tough Fight As Big Tech’s Censorship Expands

Donald Trump, Jr., writes: “There is no conservative principle that even remotely suggests we are obligated to adopt a laissez-faire attitude while the richest companies on earth abuse the power we give them to put a thumb on the scale for our political enemies.

If anything, our love of the free market dictates that we must do whatever is necessary to ensure that the free marketplace of ideas remains open to all.”

Southern Poverty Law Center Bias Exposed

“The bottom line is: shedding light on genuinely violent and extremist groups is a noble endeavor, but it’s inappropriate for the media to continually cite SPLC as an authoritative source on hate without acknowledging its progressive agenda and conflation of extremist groups with mainstream ones.”

The Hate U Give: SPLC Co-Founder Sacked Over Allegations of Racism, Sexual Harassment

“The big question is, will this finally be enough for media outlets to cut ties with the Southern Poverty Law Center?

In 2017, almost 50 conservative groups and leaders demanded media outlets immediately halt their use of SPLC data, saying the non-profit’s infamous “Hate Map” and ‘hate reports’ have inspired political violence. In 2012, a mass shooting was attempted at the Family Research Council’s D.C. office by gay activist Floyd Lee Corkins, who was inspired by SPLC’s “Hate Map.” Even after that thwarted hate crime, Dees still defended his organization’s dangerous hate map and the smearing of traditional values conservative organizations as hate groups.”