Hours Before Debate, Trump Receives Monumental “First-Ever” Endorsement


The union representing the nation’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and staff has officially decided to throw its support behind GOP nominee Donald Trump.It’s the first time ever that the National ICE Council has endorsed a candidate for president, according to a statement from the union posted on Trump’s campaign web site Monday. “Donald Trump reached out

Police Now Being Told To Do The Unthinkable When They Confront An Armed Suspect


In the wake of last weeks events in Charlotte, North Carolina, those on left have been cowering before angry “protesters” demanding inane solutions to what they see as problems with law enforcement, too often ignoring the root causes of crime itself.Now, thanks to leftist political hacks, with all their politically-correct activism against allegedly rampant police racism

Woman Can’t Find Work In Alabama For Truly Mind-Boggling Reason


The real impact of runaway illegal immigration on the lives of everyday Americans is often lost in the broader arguments about border security and deportation policies. But the influx of illegals in many communities across the United States often has a disheartening, even devastating, effect on the lives and livelihoods of U.S. citizens.Consider the plight

Here’s The Proof Black Lives Matter Is Lying About Charlotte Police Shooting


Looting, arson and riots have left Charlotte, North Carolina, shell shocked after Keith Lamont Scott was shot four times and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. Scott was killed, investigators say, after he approached them armed, while they were undercover, serving a warrant for another individual.Black Lives Matter, other groups and individuals have taken advantage of the

Hillary’s Campaign Manager Just Embarrassed Her Big Time On National TV


It seems Hillary’s campaign is so riddled with incompetence that even her own campaign manager can’t communicate the candidate’s views. The MSNBC “Morning Joe” crew talked with Robby Mook on Wednesday, but it wasn’t much of an interview. It was more like a train wreck.In fact, Mook repeatedly criticized Republican nominee Donald Trump for not laying out specific