Trump’s ‘Champion’ Should Be the Next U.S. House Minority Leader

Photo: AP/John Minchillo

The time has come for the Trump White House and Republican Congressional leaders to finally get on the same page. The disconnect has been obvious for the last two years. Far too often in the last two years, the country saw a Republican President and a Republican-led House at odds over goals, strategies and tactics. 

The Success — And Cost — of Trump’s Midterm Strategy

Photo: AP/Mark Humphrey

“Every House guy is there at the rally if it is in that state. They are all there. They aren’t just forgotten about. I don’t buy the idea that he was just out there for senators,” adding that many Senate GOP candidates and incumbents did well because of the “Kavanaugh effect.” — David Bozell, president of ForAmerica, told the Washington Examiner.