Latinos Push Back Against Big Media Narrative, Hold “Operation Taco Bowl” Rally In California


To listen to the Democrats’ relentless drumbeat about Trump and Hispanics, you’d think the Republican nominee wouldn’t have the support of any Latino voters, much less the public support of dozens of activists openly expressing their backing for the billionaire businessman.With Donald Trump’s focus on enforcing U.S. immigration laws and building a wall on our southern border to

Liberal Susan Sarandon’s Cataclysmic Warning If Hillary Wins


By: Chris White, DCNFActress Susan Sarandon thinks Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is “very dangerous” on foreign policy and would almost certainly start World War III. Sarandon told The Daily Caller News Foundation at an anti-oil pipeline rally that Clinton’s foreign policy record is alarming. Clinton has armed dangerous people in Syria, the actress said.“She’s very

Watch: Wikileaks Warns New Clinton Info Will Be Devastating


WIth Hillary Clinton still reeling from previous disclosure of internal campaign and party documents released by the notorious secrets-exposing group, WikiLeaks, Julian Assange is back in the news, promising to release even more damning information about the Democrat nominee. The founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks spoke with Fox News and hinted at what we can expect to see in the

University of Chicago Has Warning For Fragile Social Justice Warriors


With many universities caving to fragile students’ demands for emotional protection from offensive speech — you know, protected retreats and “safe spaces” from “microaggressions” — The University of Chicago has taken a bold stand for freedom and good ole American fortitude.In a welcome letter to the incoming Class of 2020, Dean of Students John Ellison has

Fed Up: Louisiana Resident Lays The Smack-down On Obama


Last week, as Louisiana suffered its worst flooding in decades, President Obama was busy vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, hitting the links whenever possible, and driving forward with every opportunity to continue his campaign of trying to shame the good people of America. A letter sent by his administration to local governments involved in relief and recovery efforts for

Back From Vacation, Obama Heads To Louisiana

obama golfing

Via the Washington Examiner (emphasis added): President Obama heads to Louisiana Tuesday to tour the flood-stricken disaster area amid lingering criticism over his decision to remain on vacation golfing in Martha’s Vineyard last week instead of visiting the state. The White House has tried to brush aside the complaints as desperate moves from Republicans looking

Mainstream Media Shocked At Where New Poll Shows Donald Trump


If you pay attention to the mainstream media, you might well think Donald Trump’s campaign is sinking fast, spiraling down to the point of no return. Since the Democratic National Convention, left-leaning news outlets have gleefully pointed out that poll after poll have shown the Republican nominee trailing Hillary Clinton, sometimes by a double digit