Exclusive – Brent Bozell: Last Chance for the GOP

“Here’s the difference between the two parties. For the past eight years, the GOP has been the party that begins each conversation with, ‘This is why we can’t do it.’ The Democrats begin theirs with, ‘This is how we’ll get it done.’ The crisis for Republicans is so grave that not even a rhetorical shift will save them. Only action, concrete action, might — might. They must come up with victories.

Here’s what they need to do, in six easy steps.”

Speakership drama pits McCarthy vs. Ryan

Rank-in-file House Republicans are divided over whether to postpone a speakership vote until after the November elections or get the divisive process over with now, which could mean Speaker Paul Ryan (right) retiring sooner than expected and House Majority Kevin McCarthy becoming speaker earlier. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images