Even As Media Whine About Trump, Their Hostile Coverage Shows No Let Up

As Monday’s throwdown in the White House press room made clear, relations between the President and the press corps are as bad as they have ever been during the Trump administration.Most journalists seem to put the blame on the administration’s criticisms of the press, with CNN’s Chris Cilizza saying Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ condemnations were

Moms Slam Planned Parenthood: Abortion ‘NOT the Same’ as Miscarriage 30 Shares

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood

Moms who have suffered miscarriages are slamming Planned Parenthood for its tweet comparing miscarriage to abortion. The liberal media have yet to cover it – but that’s not stopping more women from chiming in.On Friday, Planned Parenthood Action Fund quoted feminist writer Danielle Campoamor on Twitter after she insisted that there’s “no difference” between a woman who

Illegal Alien Released From Prison Convicted of Hammering 5 to Death in San Fran

Binh Thai Luc (San Francisco Police Department photo)

(CNSNews.com) Binh Thai Luc, an illegal alien from Vietnam who had previously been incarcerated at San Quinten prison after committing an armed robbery in San Jose, was convicted on Monday of entering a home in San Francisco and murdering five people with a hammer.“Prosecutors said Luc used a hammer to commit one of the worst

Illegal Alien Convicted of Child Rape, Then Sexual Battery, Caught Re-Entering U.S.

Tucson, Arizona border agents have apprehended an illegal alien who had twice been convicted of sex crimes in Tennessee, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported Monday.After the Guatemalan man was caught illegally re-entering the U.S., a background check revealed that, on two different occasions, he had been convicted of sex crimes, CBP reported:“Saturday afternoon in the

NYC Bomber a Beneficiary of Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery Program

NYC bombing suspect Akayed Ullah was a beneficiary of chain migration and, indirectly, the diversity visa lottery system. (Photo: NYC TLC and NBC News)

The Bangladesh-born man who detonated a pipe bomb near Times Square on Monday morning was able to live in the United States because of chain migration and the diversity visa lottery system — two features of the immigration system that the Trump administration wants to end.

Star-Spangled Sunday: Army Vs. Navy Game

Star-Spangled Sunday: A celebration of the greatest national anthem performances.
December 9, 2017 – Instant classic. Army vs. Navy with a beautiful snow backdrop and the combined Glee Clubs of both academies.

Trump: Every Senator And Congressman Will Have To Make A Choice

Terrific video on illegal immigration and the Kate Steinle case by President Trump. We know where the Left stands. We only wish more Republicans stood by Americans with this much conviction.

Trump’s Gutsy Move In Israel

Photo: Jerusalem, Credit: PNW

“The final status of Jerusalem has always been one of the most difficult and sensitive questions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”