Cringeworthy TV Appearance By Hillary Proves Her Pandering Knows No Limits


Hillary Clinton has proved once again that she will do anything — literally anything — to get elected. She’s one pandering politician who isn’t leaving anything on the table in her effort to win the crucial Latino vote in the battleground state of Florida – engaging in an uninhibited appearance on the Spanish language network Univision. Hillary appeared on

Even Democrats Agree… This Republican Has The Best Ad Of The Election Season


While veteran politicians (and aspiring ones) across the country sling mud at each other as November 8 looms, it is rare — and refreshing — to find one who refuses to play dirty and instead brings some light and humor to this otherwise dismal, even depressing, election season.The man’s name is Gerald Daugherty, a former Boston Red Sox

New York Times Warns Of ‘The Dangers of Hillary Clinton…’


Scathing words from an unlikely source.The New York Times has already endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, in words that look suspiciously like the rhetoric that originated from her campaign, but that hasn’t stopped one writer from admitting his own apprehension about having Hillary back in the White House.Ross Douthat writes:The dangers of a Hillary Clinton

Leaked Email Reveals Exactly How Democrats Are ‘Rigging’ The Polls


Donald Trump continues to tell his supporters that the election is “rigged” against him. One of the areas in which the Republican nominee may be proven accurate is in voter surveys — the polls that are constantly being talked about in the news.The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Hillary Clinton 12 points ahead of her

Concern Grows Over Voting Machines In 16 States Because Of Truly Frightening Reason


Is the election “rigged” against Donald Trump? Read this and then let us know what you think.New revelations suggest an ominous connection between a company which claims to have provided voting machines to 16 states and billionaire leftist and Clinton supporter George Soros. This link seriously calls into question the integrity of the upcoming election and the

FNC’s Catherine Herridge Reveals Latest Clinton Corruption To Surface

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Hillary Clinton associate, donated almost $500,000 to the Senate campaign of the wife of an FBI official who helped oversee Clinton’s private email server investigation. If this was a movie you wouldn’t believe it. But it’s real and it’s scary. The Clinton corruption train keeps on chugging away…

What These Soldiers Are Being Forced To Do Shows How Absolutely Broken Our System Is


This is truly despicable.During the Iraq and Afghanistan wars a decade ago, the California National Guard coaxed thousands of soldiers with reenlistment bonuses of $15,000 or more to go to war.Now the Pentagon is demanding they pay all of that money back.Almost 10,000 soldiers, many who served multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay enormous enlistment bonuses, and have

What A Wheelchair Bound Teen Did Just Put All Athletes Protesting The Anthem To Shame


While perfectly healthy multi-millionaire athletes are sitting or kneeling in protest during the playing of the national anthem, this disabled teen has been an inspiration for thousands.A Florida teenager with spina bifida was seen shaming professional football players and their sidelines protests when he used his arms to hold himself up from his wheelchair as the American